Friday, March 22, 2019

Why I Think Malaysia Will Be The Best Place To Live In The Next Essay

(First prize winner in the STAR 25th anniversary essaycompetition (Category C - adults) Should a fairy godmother suddenly push through before me with a crystal ball, amagic wand and a world atlas, and give me the liberty to select the country Idlike to know in 25 years from presently, without a moments hesitation, I would point tothat small nondescript, elongated peninsula straddling the equator calledMalaysia. The reason is very simple. I firmly feel that 25 years hence,Malaysia would be hotshot of the nicest - if not THE nicest - places to callhome. Let us take a little journey down the corridors of time and cast a glisten at thedestiny of some of the nations of the world over the past quin decades. There iswar and famine in some, greed and suffering in others. Quite clearly,Malaysia has reason to stand proud among the countries of the world. Thereis plentiful self-restraint and rainfall, while the soil is loaded and the harvestsplentiful. Even Mother Nature has seen co mpetent to bless Malaysia by exempting herfrom its tantrums - there are no tsunamis and earthquakes, no floods anddroughts, no hurricanes and typhoons. Consequently, there is no need to livein fear of constitutions sudden and unabated fury no need to be constantly on thelookout for unexpected destruction and devastation Freed from theencumbrances of having to participation with the forces of nature, Malayans areempowered to pursue lifestyles of their own liking. The economy is booming,jobs are for the taking... this is the senario forthwith and there seems little reasonto expect this scenario to change adversely inside the next 25 years. In fact,with proper management and leadership, the outlook for Malaysia in the next25 years may even improve. Just for starters, reckon coming home after a days work to a spotlessly spickand span house filled with the tantalising aroma of rich coffee and roastchicken, all waiting to welcome one home... Which Malaysianhousewife-cum-career lady has not dreamed of this before? And yet, thisdream may vigorous become a reality just 25 years from now - all because of thewinds of technological change, which are sweeping through the country right onnow. Pping Just press that little button on your wristwatch 30 minutes beforeyou head home and itd activate the gamut of... ...e governments attempts to develop a caring ordination are mostcommendable. 25 years hence, these efforts would have begun tobear fruit. Palliative and geriatric care has already made itself felt whilehalfway houses for abandoned babies and abused children are increasing bythe day. The groundwork for inculcating the caring attitude amongMalaysians has already been rigid with the move towards developing caringschools. Traditional values like thrift, saturated work, respect for the aged and filialpiety are being upheld as exemplary values which can hold the fibre ofMalaysian society together. The voices of people like Marina Mahathir callingfor tolerance a nd understanding for those most in need of moral support arelike beacons in the dark, igniter the way towards the creation of the highest ofall societies - that with a conscience. Ultimately, the country, which would be outstrip to live in, would be that which enjoys technological growth from withoutand strong moral and spiritual instruction from within. And it is exactly thisfactor which makes me firmly believe that Malaysia will be the best place tolive in 25 years from now.

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