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Software Patents, Copyright, and Piracy Issues in India Essay -- Compu

Software spares, Copyright, and plagiarism Issues in IndiaIntroductionIndia has developed enormously in the field of science and technology. Information Technology has been one of the alacritous growing sectors in the country and a major contributor to the deliverance. Indias economy has boomed over the past decade due to Governments initiates. With it vast pool of meliorate population and its leading presence in the Software arena India is riotous becoming a knowledge hub.This paper gives an overview of unpatterned, copyright and Cyber laws, software piracy issues, and analyses the frugal benefits of reducing piracy and the ethical issues of piracy.Overview of Patent, Copyright and Cyber LawsThe protection regarding gifted Property Rights differs from country to country. Beginning with GATT, WTO and TRIPS (Trade Related smart Property Rights) the economic focus of International trade and global policy has progressively locomote from the tariff protection of goods to Pro tection of Intellectual Property.The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in India is a movement that is continuing to gain strength. in that location is a well established Statutory, administrative and Judicial Framework to precaution Intellectual Property rights in India. India has enacted several legislations and drafted amendments to several existing legislations in order to fulfill the obligations imposed on it by TRIPS.Patent LawsPatent rights give the owner the exclusive right to make the invention, use the invention, mete out the invention and distribute the invention. These exclusive rights are obtained after the grant of the Patent by Registrar of Patents.In India the law governing Patents is the Patent puzzle out, 1970(the Patents Act). Th... ...ate people to buy legitimate software.ConclusionIndia has strict Intellectual holding laws and Information Technology sector is one of the major contributors to the countrys economic development. thereof reducing soft ware piracy will have a fundamental impact on the economic growth. Piracy can be curbed by a combination of raids, litigation, and educating users about the advantages of using sub judice software, the problems associated with copied software and legal penalties etc.,Also global piracy cannot be won without addressing the draconian set policies of software proportionate to per capita by the software publishers.References1 www.nasscom.org2 Pavan Duggal, http// Software Piracy Understanding the larger picture - Express Computer , http//

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