Wednesday, March 27, 2019

My Great Expectations :: Personal Narrative Writing

My Great Expectations Everything that I break examined so far in range pole has been great. In the next four years t present are many wise thing that I pass on experience here that I never restrain by living in phoenix. to a fault I would like to leave here with a corporation more knowledge about different things like line of credit and the community of this city. In the outstanding city of Flagstaff I came with a voltaic pile of expectation, volition experience many k brisk things in my college years, and withal hasten two principal(prenominal) goals before I leave this city.In Flagstaff I have and will experience a lot of new things that did not experience from living in Phoenix. The first thing is the small town surroundings, this is a lot different from living in phoenix most of my life. So far it seems that everyone around here is very friendly and everyone is a lot more laid back. Also the surroundings are a lot different from the desert of phoenix. No lo nger are there saguaro cactuses and dirt everywhere, now there are pine trees and green grass. The teemingness of green makes flagstaff a lot prettier then the desert. I have never lived in an area where it snows in the winter, the Flagstaff winters will also be a new experience for me. These are the great new experiences I will have by living in Flagstaff for the next 4 years.The expectations that I have coming to Flagstaff is having a great education at Northern Arizona University, put up a lot of new people in my four years here, and the new cooler climate here. I expect this university to teach me the business merchandising ways so when I get out of college if I employment hard I tin be a successful business man. I chose to come to Flagstaff for school because of the smaller campus and school size. At any huge university you are just another face in the crowd but here the class sizes are smaller and you can walk to any class on campus. Also by using up the next four y ears in flagstaff I will meet a lot of new people. I plan on joining a fraternity this semester I will definitely meet a lot of new people by that and also have a lot of new experiences.

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