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Term Paper on Interracial Marriages

TABLE OF CONTENTS identification Chapter One The enigma and Its Scope Introduction 2 Statement of the Problem 4 Review of Related Literature 5 Signifi ceasece of the line of business 7 Scope and Limitation 9 Definition of Terms 10 organization of the Study 12 Chapter Two look Design and methodological analysis conk Method 14 look for Instrument 14 query Environment 14 Research Subject 15 Research unconscious process 16 Statistical Treatment of the Data 17 Chapter Three Presentation, exposition and analysis of Data 18 Chapter Four Summary, remainders and Recommendations Summary 43 consequence 45 Recommendations 47 Biblio interprety 50Appendices append come to a greater extent(prenominal) than or less on A Letters Appendix B Sample dubiousnessnaires Appendix C Pictures Appendix D confinesinationers Directory Introduction union, a leg entirelyy recognized race, established by a civil or religious ceremony, amid deuce wad who intend to live to charmher as sexual and domestic partners. The connecter to fuck off oneselfher in wedlock of two deal, some thing which supposed to be and should be considered sacred as wholesomespring as wonderful. It is a in which loading two serve argon bound to one early(a) and ar obligated to promise to one a nonher that they endure it off, c be and be faithful to each oppositewise through all times.A beautiful thingyet sadly some bulk do it tabu of what benefits they baron receive from it, may it be money, fame or any other app bent(prenominal) thing in this world. unless thither ar times that these people do it protrude of need. This plants us to talk near assorted sums. motley unifications, though in the past had been considered taboo, bent elevated sites anymore, may it be in the Philippines or other parts of the world. However, honorable beca riding habit now it isnt forbidden by the law (as in that situation was a time when t here was a law make against it), it doesnt mean that all of us give the go signal. racial marriages entrust around likely earn various outcomes. These effects leave behind not solely see the family members and friends of the spouses, they fanny besides affect other individuals of the community. They could even affect the whole social club especially now these days where there argon studies which show that there has been a rise in the part of these marriages. These Philippines went into these marriages for opposite antecedents, they could make water do it for passion or for the benefits that come with the spouse.Now, the agent the inquiryers call for selected to do this prove is for them to learn what people really conceptualise al al close to these marriages and what effects it could maybe bear close the Philippine Society. Hopefully this contemplate will be able to succor the Philippine people assure these mixed couples burst and to prepargon the Filipino people for what changes may be s timulated by these marriages, may they be straightforward or bad. Statement of the Problem The researchers pay back to find out what people regain well-nigh miscellaneous marriages and what come-at-able effects these marriages could induce to the Philippine society.They in like manner aim to get the Filipino people ready for what alterations miscellaneous marriages could create. While reservation the claim, the researchers hope to solving the next questions o Are interracial marriages still found out-of-the-way? o What are the factors that lead to interracial marriages? o How will these marriages affect the Philippine Society? Review of Related Literature In the record Online, there is an article there entitled mixed Relationships Are On The Increase In U. S. But Decline With Age, Cornell Study Finds which talks virtually the increase in issuing of marriages between contrastive attractives of races through the geezerhood. It also has findings that these relationshi ps decline with age because the youngest age bracket be the highest among these relationships and the middle age bracket ranked act man the oldest age bracket ranked live on. Despite the fact that these findings were base in the U. S. , it somehow gives the researchers an estimation of how relationships between different races affected another estate. From this article, they could already come up with a viable outcome.In a 2003 hire, once again based in the United States, by Kara Joyner (assistant professor of policy analysis and management at Cornell and co-author of a examine on interracial relationships in a recent issue of the American Sociological Review) it was reported that adolescents in romances with another race were significantly less willing to reveal their relationship to family and limiting friends than those in same-race relationships, suggesting that such relationships still do not receive whole-hearted favorable reception by society. The researchers coul d try to compare these findings to the results they are about to come crosswise and see the difference.In an article in The Freeman Magazine of October 2002 tells about a relationship of one Leyte-born Filipina, in that locationsa Mason nee Estafia, to British national, Chris Mason, which finish in marriage. This is proof that happy endings between two l overs of different races arent impossible. The book, Chinese American Intermarriage, is also a study based on the Chinese American experiences in New York City, focuses on the increase of these relationships, the loss leader and the obstacles, of which the most significant is still family objection.This book and the rest of these articles may be helpful to the researchers later on in the study especially when analyzing and understand the data. Significance of the Study Interracial relationships, marriages to be specific, arent as rare as they employ to be in the Philippines. The researchers own arranged this study in order t o find out what the Filipino peoples opinion on these kinds of marriages are since these marriages were once considered somehow taboo, and how Filipino people believe these kinds of marriages could affect the Philippine society.The researchers hope that by making this study, they could help the following o People who plan to have an interracial marriage They would know what effects they are most probably going to get down about to the Philippine Society and see if they are making the righteousness decision marrying these noncitizens. o Couples (interracial) They will know what effects they are obstetrical delivery about to the Philippine Society. They will also get an insight of what the Filipino people channelise their (the interracial couples) marriages for. noncitizens (with Filipino partners) They will get an insight of what they are getting themselves into or have gotten themselves into. It will also help them speculate on their relationship, if it really is based on cacoethes or money. o Country It will be prepared for the disadvantages these marriages could bring about and know how to guidele these possible drawbacks. Scope and Limitation The researchers are to survey degree Celsius selected residents of Cebu for their term paper.The respondents play a vital employment in the making of this term paper because their get alongs would serve as the diagnose to unfolding this study. The term paper will deal with the opinions of selected Cebu Residents on interracial marriages between a Filipino citizen and a foreigner, and its effects to the Philippine Society. The researchers are given four weeks, more or less, to make this requirement. In creating the term paper, the researchers have allotted an amount of 400 pesos for purpose such as photo copying and other possible needs.The researchers also need to have sources such as the internet, books, newspapers, encyclopedia or any other articles that would be able to help them gain more cognition on interracial marriages and its possible effects to the Philippine Society by doing so, helping them come up with an effective study. Definition of Terms Benefits money, to move out of the country, escaping a life of hardship/poverty Cebu residents any Filipino who currently lives in the province of Cebu Effects changes which can possibly be doneFilipino citizen/person an individual who was born to Filipino parents and raised in the Philippines Foreigner a person who was born to natives of countries other than the Philippines and raised in a country other than the Philippines Go Signal approval Induce bring about Interracial between a Filipino and a foreigner Interracial Couples a couple composed of a Filipino and a foreigner Interracial Marriage a marriage of a Filipino Citizen to a foreigner Marriage a legal union of two people through a ceremony called a wedding partner spouse/ recognizerPhilippine Society the people of the Philippines Respondents the people selec ted to answer the survey Taboo forbidden The Researchers the people who have conducted the study (namely Trysha Bautista, Kimberly Bouffard, Sherry Corominas, Eileen Cueno and Miles Semblante) Organization of the Study This term paper consists of four chapters. Each chapter contains contents which are vital to the researchers in order to help future readers understand the researchers study further.The first chapter is the Problem and Its Scope it contains the introduction, which more or less is a general summary of what the term paper is all about, the parameter of the chore shows the aim or objective of the study through general statement questions, and the review of related literature is teaching/research about introductory studies or projects made which are related to the study the researchers have made. The moment of the study states why the study is important, and to whom the study is important to.In the setting and limitation, future readers will know what grounds the researchers can cover and what their reliable restrictions are. The definition of name will help future readers understand the terms the researchers have used in their study and how these words are used. Chapter two, the Research Design and Methodology, consists of the research methods, research instrument, and statistical treatment of the data. The research methods unwrap how the researchers gathered their data to come up with their output.The research instrument tackles about the materials/instruments used to complete the study. The statistical treatment of data covers the numerical information in the study. The third chapter, the Presentation, Interpretation and Analysis of data, like the title itself, is further the researchers presentation, interpretation and analysis of their data. Chapter four is the Summary, Conclusion and Interpretation it consists of the summary which is a sum-up and a review of the whole study, the closedown which is the closing statement and the ex hortation.Research Method For the study on interracial marriages and its effects to the Philippine society, the researchers used a survey type in order to gain more knowledge on the verbalise topic. With the use of questionnaires, the researchers are to learn more about what the residents of Cebu appreciate about interracial marriages and how these marriages could affect the Philippine society. Research Instruments The main instrument that the researchers utilized for the purpose of this study was the questionnaire made up of 8 questions.Computers, internet access, encyclopedias, books and some periodicals were also necessary in the making of this term paper. Research Environment The researchers made questionnaires which were distri exclusivelyed to selected Cebu residents living in these following areas Tisa, Banilad, Banawa and Talisay. The researchers chose those areas because those areas of Cebu are most convenient for them, given that they live in the verbalize areas and tha t the researchers believed that the residents in these areas would readily share their opinions on the topic and that they are heart-to-heart to these kinds of relationships.The other half of respondents were randomly selected in Ayala Center Cebu because they had an judgement that most foreigners were to be found there and they also pauperizationed to know what lawful people notion of their topic. Research Subject The researchers submited various respondents to answer the questionnaires they made for their survey. They selected people who they supposed were exposed to interracial marriages or any kind of interracial relationships because they believe these people could give them the knowledge they require in order for their study to be a success.They also chose ordinary people at the mall because they wanted to get what regular people thought of the topic. They opted to let foreigners answer their questionnaires as well, as to see what these outsiders return about marriages of one of their kind to a Filipino. Research Procedure The researchers had brainstormed on possible topics that they expertness have for their term paper. They proposed their topics to their Social Studies III teacher and because she authorise of the topic on interracial marriages and its effects to the society.After which, they canvas on whatever they could on the said topic which would help them conjecture questions for their questionnaire. Once they have completed the creation of their questionnaire, they distributed one C copies to various respondents and then(prenominal) collected them when they were completely answered. Then they recorded the data they gathered, made a represent out of it, interpreted and analyzed it, and made a conclusion out of it. Statistical Treatment of Data The study needs to be studied with complete accuracy so that their data may be analyzed and interpreted correctly.In order to accomplish that, they used this ruler %= f/n * 100% f=frequency n= phone number of respondents/answers psyche 1 Do you find it unusual seeing a Filipino together with a foreigner? Table 1 Respondents intellection on Filipinos Being Together with Foreigners N= 100 result absolute frequency plowshare Yes 25 25% No 75 75% arrive 100% graphical record 1 pic Interpretation The table and graph in a higher place shows that 75 out of 100 or 75% of the respondents do not find it unusual seeing a Filipino together with a foreigner. On the other hand, 25 out of 100 or 25% of the respondents do find it unusual.Analysis The results show that interracial relationships arent considered to be as scarce as they used to be in the past. therefore, it is middling safe to say that interracial marriages arent considered as uncommon as well. It also goes to show that these days the Filipino people are exploring other cultures and they arent scared of criticism since one would easily spot an interracial couple in a public place, such as malls. questi on 2 Why do you think they select to marry foreigners over partner countrymen? Table 2Respondents sound judgment as to Why whatsoever Filipinos Prefer to Marry Foreigners over Fellow Filipinos N= 141 solution oftenness ploughshare Because foreigners can provide a life of 65 46% luxury for these Filipinos Because they want to move out of the 33 23% country They except happen to love them 21 15% Because of Physical fashion 12 9% Other 10 7% keep down 100% graphical record 2 pic Interpretation The figures above show that 46% think that some Filipinos choose to marry foreigners over fellow Filipinos because believe that these foreigners can provide them with a life of luxury. 23% assume that they do it because they want to move out of the country. There are 15% who feel that these Filipinos just happen to love their foreign partners.There are also 9% who think that these Filipinos chose foreigners over Filipinos because of physical appearance. The last 7% have other reasons. Analysis Life and luxury takes the highest position to why people prefer to marry foreigners over fellow countrymen. This is maybe because of the situation the country is in now. It has also been found out from the research and gathered data that wants are big priorities with this issue. In this survey, of the gathered data above, these marriages drop dead out well because the couple can find beneficial things and they can coordinate to the situation. nous 3 What do you think are the most apparent reason for their marriages? Table 3 Respondents Opinion for the Most Probable Reason for Their Marriages N= 175 Response oftenness Percentage beloved 20 11% Money 39 22% Convenience (to live in a good house, live 58 24% a life of luxury) To get out of the country 30 17% To have beautiful government issue 14 8% Others 14 8% Total 100% Graph 3 pic Interpretation The data shows that 11% percent of them think that the reason is because of love. T here 22% of them think that it is because of money. 24% is because of the convenience to live in a good house and to have a life of luxury.There are 17% of them who thinks that it is because that the Filipinos could have the chance to get out of the country. There are also 8% of them who thinks that it is because they could have a beautiful offspring. The last 8% have other reasons. Analysis In the data the highest percentage is that of the convenience to live in a good house and to have a life of luxury. The second highest rate of percentage is money. With these two having the highest tallies, it makes a speculation as to what these marriages are really about, because it seems to be based more on money than on love. Question 4 What do you think are the Factors That Make Interracial Marriages Difficult? Table 4 Respondents Opinion on What Make Interracial Marriages Difficult N= 118 Response Frequency Percentage Money 22 19% Cultural Differences 75 63% Location of residence 19 16% Others 2 2% Total 100% Graph 4 picInterpretation The data shows that there are 19% of them who think that it is because of money. 63% thinks that it is because of the cultural differences. 16% of the data shows that it is because of the location of residents. The last 2% percent have their own personal reasons. Analysis In the data the highest percentage is because of cultural differences. This shows that no matter how a great deal you love each other, there will always be problems, and the problems that hap between these couples are cause by the fact that they were brought up in two different worlds. Question 5 What do you think the foreigners find in their Filipino partners? Table 5 Response Frequency Percentage Love 32 27% Companionship 78 67% Others 7 6% Total 100% Graph 5 pic InterpretationThe data shows that bulk, 67% of our respondents think that its companionship that foreigners find in their Filipino partners, 27% thinks that its love, and the stay 6% , on others. Analysis The data goes to show that majority think that these foreigners find companionship in their Filipino partners. And given the fact that Filipinos are very hospitable people, it really doesnt seem such a surprise why they would choose Filipinos for companionship. Question 6 Do you think interracial marriages induce out well? Table 6 Respondents Opinion on Whether or Not Interracial Marriages fake Out N= 100 Response Frequency Percentage Yes 63 63% No 36 36% It depends 1 1% Total 100% Graph 6 pic Interpretation The table and graph above show that 63 out of 100 of 63% of the respondents do believe that interracial marriages can work out. On the other hand 36% believe that these marriages will not last and 1% said that it would depend. Analysis This shows that majority think these marriages do work out while a few believe that they dont. A very underage minority says that it would just really depend. This gives the impression that maybe these marriages do work out given that majority suppose so as well. Question 6. 1 If YES Table 6. 1Respondents Opinions as to Why Interracial Marriages Work Out intumesce N= 118 Response Frequency Percentage Love conquers all 19 46% If one finds something in the marriage 95 81% beneficial, he/she will have to adjust to his/her spouse Others 4 3% Total 100% Graph 6. 1 pic Interpretation The graph and table above show that 81% of the 63 who answered that interracial marriages will work out think that these marriages will work out most likely because if one finds something in the marriage beneficial, he/she will have to adjust to his/her spouse. 16% had the idea that love conquers all while 8% had other things in mind. Analysis This shows that most of the respondents think that these Filipinos and foreigners will adjust to their spouses if they find something in their marriage beneficial. A few think that love conquers all while the rest thought otherwise.This goes to show that a lot o f people think these marriages are based on convenience sooner that love. However despite that, these marriages will work for the reason that if they find something which could be of their advantage in the wedlock, they would just have to be flexible and understand each other. Question 6. 2 If NO Table 6. 1 Respondents Opinions as to Why Interracial Marriages Will Not Work Out Well N= 74 Response Frequency Percentage They were brought up into different world, 29 39% they wouldnt understand each other If the relationship isnt based on love, it42 57% wont last Others 3 4% Total 100% Graph 6. 2 pic Interpretation The data shows that 57% of the respondents who didnt think interracial marriages work out had the idea that if the relationship wasnt based on love in the first place, that relationship wouldnt last.On the other hand, 39% of the respondents said that being brought up into different cultures would be a tab to the relationship while 4% though otherwise. Analysis The data shows that majority think that these relationships wouldnt last because they werent based on love whilst another minority thinks differently. If related to the previous analyses, this gives the impression that maybe these marriages arent really based on love after all. Question 7 How do you think these marriages would affect the Philippine society? Table 7 Respondents Opinions as to How Interracial Marriages Would Affect the Philippine Society N= 108 Response Frequency Percentage It will make us lose our identities as 30 28% Filipinos The Filipino people will be brand as 50 46% grand Diggers Others 28 26% 100% Graph 7 pic Interpretation The figures above show that out of the 3 given choices for possible effects interracial marriages would bring about, majority think that the Filipino people will be branded as Gold Diggers with a frequency of 50 over 108 or 46%. The idea that Filipinos would lose their identities follows with the frequency of 30 over 108 or 28%. The remaining 26% fall under the category others. AnalysisThe table and graph above show that most people think that these marriages would make other nations brand us as Gold Diggers while only a few think that wed lose our identities. Another minority also think otherwise. This gives the impression that these marriages are based on money or else they wouldnt think that these marriages would make other nations brand us as so. It also gives the impression that Filipinos have a strong sense of parting since only a few worry of Filipinos losing their identities. Question 8 only in all do you think these marriages are for the fail or worse of the country? Table 8 Respondents Opinion if Interracial Marriages are for the Better or Worse of the Country N= 100 Response Frequency Percentage Better 78 78% Worse 18 18% Neither 4 4% Total 100% Graph8 pic Interpretation From the data above, it can be seen that 78 out of 100 or 78% believe that interracial marriages are for the better of the Philippines. The thought that these marriages are for the worse of the country come in second with a frequency of 18 over 100 or 18%. The remaining 4% think neither. AnalysisThe table and graph above show that most people think that these marriages would actually be good of the Philippines. A few think that they are actually far the worse while another minority thinks neither. This goes to show that a lot of people are optimistic about what interracial marriages will bring about to the Philippine society. Summary Interracial marriages have augmented as the years have gone by, even though it was once considered a gruelling taboo. This study has been conducted as to see what the people currently living in the Cebu Province think of these interracial marriages and how it might affect the Philippine society. The researchers have gone through various tasks.Once the researchers have clear-cut on having interracial marriages and their effects to the Philippine society as a topic, they had it approved and started to research on anything they could find on interracial marriages. They made use of different resources such as books, magazines, newspapers and the internet to acquire more knowledge on the topic in order to draw out a problem. They then chose a survey type of research to find the answer to it. They then made the first chapter which contains the introduction, the statement of the problem, the review of related literature, the import of the study, the scope and limitation, the definition of terms and the organization of the study. Then they have devised a questionnaire which should get the respondents opinion on the topic.After which the researchers determined the method of research they were to use for this term paper, the procedure they would follow, the instruments they would utilize, the environment they would cover and the subjects whose opinions they were going to ask of. Once they finished determining the following above, they put what they have colonised on into writing. They distributed the questionnaires to the selected and random respondents and later retrieved them. Subsequently they recorded, graphed, interpreted, analyzed and concluded the data. Conclusion After many days and weeks of hard work which needed much patience, perseverance, endurance, sweat and blood, the researchers were able to arrive at certain conclusions which would answer the different objectives stated in the earlier chapter of the study. These days, it isnt very unusual for most people to see a Filipino with a oreigner, because you can see a lot of these people in the malls, indicating that most of these couples are not afraid of exposing their relationships to the public and arent afraid of what people might think of them. Most of the respondents think that a life of luxury is the most probable reason for these interracial marriages and why these Filipinos choose to marry foreigners over their fellow countrymen. In any marriage, there will always be difficulties, but in an interracial one, the most likely reason which bought about their matrimonial problems would be because of their cultural differences, because these people have been brought up in two entirely different worlds.But a lot of people think that even if those interracial couple would face those kinds of dilemmas, their marriages would still work out well since they believe that if one finds something in the marriage beneficial, he/she would just have to adjust to his/her spouse. However, majority feel that with these kinds of marriages growing in number in the Philippines, the Filipino people would be branded as grand diggers, but nevertheless, most of the respondents believe that these marriages would be for the better of the country. These marriages are considered to be for the better of the Philippines by most respondents for various reasons. Some say that in a way, it will boost our economy and tourism, that it will lessen the overcrowding her e in the Philippines, and that more beautiful Filipinos would be created that way. RecommendationThere are a lot of factors to consider as to why these Filipinos have decided to tie the knot with their lovers from distant lands. Majority think that these Filipinos chose to wed these foreigners because these outsiders are the fastest ticket there is to living a life of luxury. Marriage is no joking matter, and to marry an individual who has grown up from an some completely different lifestyle isnt easy. These marriages will not only affect the families of the spouses, they will affect everybody in a way. The researchers would like to recommend this study to the following o Interracial Couples (married or not) This study will definitely help them make the right decision as to where to take their relationships.With the insight of other people, they might be able to reflect if their function will actually take them somewhere. It will aid them in essay to understand each other, especi ally with the fact that they come from two in all different worlds, helping them adjust to one another so that they might not lose their identities. It might also help them prepare themselves for all possible consequences they might have to face, especially if their relationship is not based on love. o Teenagers Despite the fact that ledger entry an interracial marriage (or any marriage for that matter) should be the farthest things on their minds as of the moment, this study should be able to prepare them for what action they should take before decision making to walk down the aisle.Hopefully, this study would also help them try to advance how other countries view o People who plan to enter an interracial marriage It might make them contemplate on the decisions they are about to make, especially on marrying a foreigner. It should make them aware that by entering these marriages, some people have branded us gold diggers. But more importantly, it should help them contemplate on w hat they would get themselves in to by getting wed to a foreigner. o Other Researchers With Similar Studies This study will help other researchers with similar studies because it will give them an idea of what to do in their research. It might also serve them as a basis of information. Bibliography Electronic Sources WebsitesAlouise, Nacy John. Interracial Marriages and the Effects on Children. Race, Racism and the Law. 1998. 5 Jan. 2006 . Beaver, Laura. Interracial Relationships A Historical Perspective. Interracial Relationships. 2000. 28 Dec. 2005 . Lang, Susan S. Interracial relationships are on the increase in U. S. , but decline with age, Cornell study finds. record Online. 2 Nov. 2005. 5 Jan. 2006 . Le, C. n. Interracial Dating & Marriage. Asian-Nation The Landscape of Asian America. 2005. 4 Jan. 2006 . Pramschufer, Megan. Interracial Relationships of the Chinese Americans. Interracial Relationships. 2000. 28 Dec. 2005 . Saia, Stefanie. The Transition to Romantic Relati onships Statistics on Interracial Marriage. Interracial Relationships. 2000. 28 Dec. 2005 . Sailer, Steve. Is Love Colorblind? Steve Sailer-Articles & Blog on sympathetic Biodiversity, Genetics, Sports, Race, Gender, Immigration. 14 July 1997. 5 Jan. 2006 . Sailer, Steve. On Interracial Marriage. VDARE. 17 Sept. 2002. 5 Jan. 2006 . Sonnie, Heather. Interracial Relationships with respect to the Caste System in India. Interrcial Relationships. 2000. 28 Dec. 2005 . Print Sources Magazines Kintanar, Han. ambition of A Happy Ending. The Freeman Magazine Oct. 2002 g+. Books Sung, Betty Lee. Chinese American Intermarriage. New York Center for Migration Studies, 1989.

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