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Poes Fall of The House of Usher Essay - Downward Transcendence :: Fall House Usher Essays

D declareward Transcendence in The Fall of the foretoken of Usher According to Beverly Voloshin in Transcendence Downward An Essay on Usher and Ligeia, Poe presents transcendental projects which threaten to proceed downward(prenominal) rather than upward in his story The Fall of the stick out of Usher (19). Poe mocks the transcendental beliefs, by allowing the characters Roderick Usher, Madeline Usher, the fireside and the atmosphere to travel in a downward motion into vector decomposition and death, rather than the upward transcendence into life and rebirth that the transcendentalists depict. The transcendence of the top dog begins with Roderick Usher and is reflected in the characters and milieu around him. The beliefs of transcendentalists are continuously alter with bright colors and ideas, and heavenly-like tones. The character Roderick Usher suffered much from a pathological acuteness of the senses which refers to his transcendental beliefs (Poe 1465). Usher finds h is transcendental connection with the oversoul just sooner of brightness he finds gloom with black, white and gray colors. Madeline Usher suffers from a gradual wasting away of the person, and frequent although transient affections of a partially cataleptical character (Poe 1465). This results from a loss of contact with the physical world, again a characteristic of a transcendentalist, yet negative instead of positive. According to Voloshin Madeline matches her bothers pallor, but her special mark is red-a faint blush when she is interred and blood on her garments when she emerges (22). Both characters differ from transcendentalists with their disintegration of the body and mind instead of a rebirth of the body and mind of a transcendentalist. Because of his connection with the oversoul Roderick Usher finds it unmanageable to communicate with words, so instead he uses paintings and writings to describe his familiar thoughts. Voloshin describes how in The Haunted Palace, a wri ting by Usher, he explains his own fall of order into chaos, reason into madness, innocence into experience (20). Representing another downward and deathly transcendence is Madeline, who is painted in the vault or turn over by Roderick. In the painting, Roderick portrays Madeline in a tomb, and gives her no chance to draw her own beliefs by locking her in. By doing this, Roderick breaks the transcendental belief that says cosmos locked into the past is wrong, and each person should break free to create beliefs of their own. tho as the transcendence into decay is found in the characters of The Fall of the House of Usher it is also found in the actual house and the environment around it.

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