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Discuss the arguments for and against the use of Closed Material Term Paper

dissertate the arguments for and against the use of Closed Material Procedures (CMP) in national credentials matters - Term Paper ExampleThus, courts in many cases, fool to deny nettle of specific documents or information to individuals, from the point of view of in the public eye(predicate) interest. Though such measures have been introduced with the primary objective of safeguarding public interest, the issue of CMP has become a disputed topic due to its far-reaching implication of the criminal justice system as a whole. In commonplace court proceedings, individuals and their legal representatives are allowed to be present and learn all the documents that are allowed as evidences in a case during the trial and such proceedings are known as open procedure. However, in cases where the examination of any documents by individuals is considered as a breach of national security, individuals are not allowed to examine the relevant document and such materials are known as closed ma terials.3 However, a government appointed lawyer, who represents the individual, or Special Advocate, will be allowed to attend all parts of the proceedings and extended access to all the documents examined during the trial.4 This is to ensure that the government preserves a strong and independent judiciary to protect the rights and granting immunity of its citizens.5 On the other hand, the government has a primary responsibility for protecting national security to imprimatur the safety and security of the citizens. Thus, it becomes significant that the government strikes a balance between the protection of national security and safeguarding the rights and exemption of individuals. The debate regarding CMPs, thus, focuses its attention on protecting the national security without injuring or compromising the concepts of the freedom of individuals and facilitating them a charming trial. One of the main arguments against CMPs is that the system of suppressing material is inherently unfair and that a listening that disallows individuals from being present or examining the documents undermines the credibility of the legal system.6 The opponents of CMPs further argue that the system of allowing the prosecution, usually represent by the government, to present its case without extending the defence an opportunity of public scrutiny is against the principles of justice.7 They also contend that by from the inherent risks associated with CMP, it considerably reduces the degree of judicial and Ministerial scrutiny of how the cases are tried and this can have a detrimental effect on transparency and accountability of justice system as healthful as compromise its credibility.8 Thus, the main argument against CMPs relies on the premise that this practice undermines the concept of fair trial to individuals as in this system they are not allowed to examine all the documents that the prosecution relies on for the purpose of proving their case. It is needless to mention that when a defendant is disallowed the opportunity of viewing a prosecution document, it inevitably pre-empts him or her from properly preparing his or her defence. Thus, this procedure, to a

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Anthropological Survey of Grand Canyon University Essay

Anthropological Survey of gibibyte canyon University - attempt ExampleIt further elaborates that the idea may have come during the early 1920s, from students and faculty of a failed Baptist college in New Mexico. Grand Canyon University still employs a Christian based gentility, as the original founders intended.Grand Canyon University prepares learners to become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible leaders by providing an academically challenging, values-based course of instruction from the context of our Christian heritage. (Mission, Vision, Philosophy.). Globalization is a move from local cultures only to linking isolated communities of people and levels of education, expanding them crossways regions and continents or in other words, removing boundaries from our institution. Globalization in this sense can reduce the deficiencies of third world countries or just people with less financial resources by the offering technological advances and with available development on Christianity without leaving home.The below four statements are my brief interpretation of the four pillars. Grand Canyon University builds on its reputation with Academic Advancement by stretching intellectual capacity and gaining vital intimacy and using critical thinking skills. Second, it employs Christian Camaraderie by encouraging new friends who become womb-to-tomb brothers and sisters in Christ and then participate with them by serving fellow students and the surrounding community. Third, with Extracurricular righteousness it offers both intramural as well as intercollegiate sports opportunities. Finally, the fourth pillar is Wellness & benefit in using the fitness center, tennis and basketball courts, as well as, a health plow center that gives nursing and athletic training majors a place to develop their care-giving skills. (Four Pillars, n.d.)My spiritual values, ethics, and traditions. I am Baptist, compassionate, fun, honest, and trustworthy. Being Baptist means adhering to the Baptist Faith Based Message which can be found at any Baptist church and also online the Internet. My practice of faith is taken only from the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments of the holy Bible. I believe that the scriptures are to be read as is and not changed. I believe in the holy trinity of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I believe it is important to accept Christ, to be sanctified by His Spirit, so that I will never fall away from the state of bedeck. that if I fall into sin through neglect and temptation - human attributes, repentance is salvation of grace by the power of God through faith. The Baptist also believes in missionary efforts and evangelism. Christianity is the faith of enlightenment and intelligence. An education for any Christian should balance between academic freedom and academic responsibility. The freedom of a teacher in a Christian school, college, or seminary is limited by the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ, by the authoritative record of the Scriptures, and by the distinct purpose for which the school exists. ConclusionI find myself often in talk with other students that are ethnically and geographically diverse from me. The conversations or debates are often enlightening because I find that there are more than one

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Project Deliverable 6B PowerPoint Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Project Deliverable 6B - PowerPoint Presentation ExampleThese assumptions areThe timeline is reasonable and do-able. The phased rollout supports untimely success and continued improvement. The offer includes a lengthy implementation as components are developed and implemented, followed by sustained competency and improvements in the seven component battlefields.The following is a detailed breakdown of the roles require to execute the project. It includes the project role, the project responsibility of the role, skills required, number of staff required fulfilling the role, the estimated start date and the anticipate duration the staff resource will be needed on the project.Organization can contain guarantor guidance into its general project management processes or react to security failures. It is increasingly demanding to respond to new challenges with the new installation of security system in project management processes. This security system has to be well fit with the pr oject management. This coordination of activities considering the infrastructure of the project requires different assumption and troubleshooting area to change and adjust on fact based activation. In such case Trustworthy computer science Security Development Lifecycle provides an example of pragmatic way to incorporate the objective of development.The level of assurance influences aspects of project management. Security access alarm is obligatory Access to corporate information may have to revenge legal, regulatory, or fiduciary duties, contractual obligations, or voluntary requirements such as the protection of proprietary data. Those requirements call down the importance of security governance, i.e., the incorporation of security into business management. Security governance is typically associated with systems that require speciality or higher assurance. Successful security governance depends on developing control and feedback structures.In the midmarket go with managed se curity services, they need that level of security beyond the resources and

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Antitrust and Regulation Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Antitrust and Regulation - Term Paper ExampleThe police force is premised on the belief that free trade benefits the economy, businesses and the consumers by forbidding various restrains of trade and monopolization. It falls under quartet areas namely agreement in the midst of competitors, contractual arrangements between sellers and buyers the pursuit or maintenance of monopoly power and mergers (Wilberforce, 98).The law of competition finish be dated two centuries ago, the medieval monarchs and the Roman Empire used tax systems to control prices and support local production. The formal study of competition can be dated in the 18th century with works of Adam Smith when he wrote about the wealth of Nation. Different cost were used to describe the law which include restrictive practices, the law of monopolies, combination acts, and the restraint of trade. The law can be seen to corroborate three main elements which include prohibiting agreements or practices that restricts fre e trade and competition between business premises, it element focuses mainly on repression of cartels. Second is the banning of abusive behaviors by firms dominating a market or anti competitive practices that may tend to lead to dominance (Bork, 126).Among the practices controlled by this are predatory pricing, tying, and refusal to deal, among opposites. Lastly there is the supervision of mergers and acquisition of large corporations including joint values. Transactions thought to expose competitive process can be prohibited all together. Approved subjects to remedies for example an obligation to plunder part of the merged business the merged business, that is, to offer license or access to facilities that enable other businesses to continue competing. The contents and practice of competition law varies s from one jurisdiction to another. In numerous countries the main objective of the law is to protect the interests of thee consumer or safeguarding the consumer welfare, and e nsuring that entrepreneurs have an equal opportunity to compete in the market economy. The law is also closely related to the law of deregulation of access to the market, state assist and subsidies, privatization of state assets, and the establishment of independent sector regulators. In the past decades the law has been viewed as way to provision of better public services (Whish, 198).According to Robert Bork competition has been found to have created adverse effects when they visit competition through protecting the inefficient competitor and when the cost of legal intervention is higher so the consumer benefits more. The business practices of market traders guilds and governments have always been scrutinized and sometimes severe sanctions have been placed. Dating back from the nineteenth century competition law has been now embraced globally. The largest and the most influential law systems being the United States just law and the European community competition law. National and regional competitions authorities across the world have formed to incorporate international support and enforcement networks (Bork, 127).In microeconomics and strategic management horizontal merger refers to a fibre of ownership and control. It is used by businesses as a strategy that seeks to sell a type of products in many markets or numerous markets. It is much more common compared to vertical

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Learnig styles and Personality types Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Learnig styles and Personality character references - Essay ExampleHoward Gardner (1983), in his theory of multiple intelligences, proposed that training, for every individual, is a distinctive combination of intelligences, resulting from ones distinctive abilities, challenges, experiences, and prep atomic number 18dness (Stremba & Bisson, 2009). Individuals possess distinctive learning styles depending on their process of foc utilize, processing, assimilating and reproducing content. authorization of learning is mostly influenced by the mode of communication which connects the learner with the learning, through words, pictures, thoughts, feelings (verbal, optical, nonverbal, kinesthetic), sounds, numbers etc (Ryan & Cooper 2008).The visual learners have a slopeency to relate their learning to observed events, objects, situations thereby forming impressions that help them retrieve entropy when they visualize these events or objects.Auditory learners tend to grasp information pr esented to them in some form of sound, uniform lecture, recording, music, discussion etc. this is characteristic of a classroom teaching, learning through audio-visual aids in training sessions, or in group discussions.Kinesthetic learners are more inclined to learning through experimentation, touching, and feeling. These learners tend to learn more when they move around, act out concepts while reading and by touching or feeling structures such as historical monuments.Effective learning raft be ensured by adopting proper(postnominal) strategies that can match these learning styles, and help in unwrap understanding, remembering, relating to facts and better reproducibility. For this, assessment of personality type is also important. Myers-Briggs model identifies four types of personalities based on specific traits possessed by good deal they are thinker, organizer, giver and adventurer (Carter, Bishop & Kravits 2007). Keeping in mind these personality types and the aforemention ed learning styles, different strategies can be developed that will aid in effective communication and collaboration among different people within a group.For instance, organizers with visual learning style can physical exercise colorful flashcards to emphasize on main learning points, use visual aids, pictures, graphics, maps etc. Thinkers with visual learning can make use of innovative designs, puzzles, and specific problem solving methods. Givers with auditory learning style can ensure better learning by teaching others, conducting group discussions, and enacting plays. Enacting plays can also help the visual learners.Organizing group activities using physical resources skillfully and games involving different people can be used for kinesthetic learners. This will also help the thinkers as it will give them an opportunity to problem solving with different approaches. Conducting lab experiments or practical study, in case of arts, along with lectures will benefit people with all the three learning styles. This process will also make use of different characteristics of organizers, givers, and thinkers in bringing about

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The Chinese GM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

The Chinese GM - Essay ExampleMoreover, the railroad car industry spends large amount of money in research and development purposes. Like the modern electric or hybrid cars are the latest creation of the automobile industry (LOC, 2007). A Background of global Motors General Motors (GM) is a popular automobile company based in America. The company is a giant multinational firm, with its headquarters in Detroit Michigan. The company manufactures and make dos vehicles along with vehicle parts. The firm also engages in the trading of pecuniary services. The company is a giant car manufacturer and provides its services in more than 37 countries crossways the world. Chevrolet, Cadillac, Opel etc ere the various brands under which GM sells its cars. The company employs more than 212000 individuals in the global economy. Right form 1931 to 2007 GM has been awarded as the leading car producer in America (GM, 2013). Wholly owned subsidiary companies sell the cars of GM in most of the ec onomies outside America. However, it should be considered that the company sells its cars in the emerging market of mainland mainland China via joint ventures. The company claims in its vision that by enjoying the source of large financial base, it would offer scoop cars to its customers and would always provide utility to its partners, employees and shareholders. The cars and trucks manufactured and traded by GM are not only state to be of efficient in quality and cost, but are also fuel economic and safe. It makes accredited that its manufactured vehicles are never subjected to recalls in the market. By providing good cars with modern unique designs, the company attempts to pulp lifelong relations with its customers. This helps the company park potential affluent clients, who tend to repeat their purchases in GM (Creswell, 1998). The company invests large sums of money in research and development purposes. This helps it to make more technologically ripe models of cars and inve nt new models of vehicles. GM provides long term value in investments to all its investors. The big avocation of the company continuously expands in terms of scale and scope, which gives complete confidence to the shareholders to invest in the shares of the company. Moreover, 212000 workers in the company, makes trading in more than 20 time zones in the globe possible, by acquiring the faculty to communicate in more than 50 languages (Murphy, 2013). The company makes changes in its business operations according to the remote business conditions in the global economy. It is empirically observed that since the last few years, the price of natural gas is noble-minded significantly, moreover the extent of air pollution created by the traditional cars are also increasing rapidly. Since cars and petrol are complementary products, the demand for cars in the current market is falling due to the rise in price of petrol. Taking into consideration all such factors, GM has now started manu facturing electric cars that would run by battery or power. Such cars would not only be sustainable but would also overturn its dependence on petrol (Nieuwenhuis & Wells, 2003). B Brief History of General Motors In July 13th 1956, China Central Committee along with the active support of Soviet Union established the first automobile manufacturing company in China named as First Automobile Works (FAW). Changchun China

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Che Guevara Speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Che Guevara Speech - Essay ExampleThis has resulted in a number of individuals working towards developing their abilities, starting business ventures and being bigly successful, running huge business enterprises et al. Communists believe in the propagating the well-being of the worker, who is left to adapt to and fit into living conditions that are deplorable, while the reliever are engaged in a race to prove their abilities and talents. capitalism, though initiated with the humble notion that ones abilities and continuity can determine the way one shapes ones life, has resulted in a rat-race. Today, one can find Capitalism taking a hugely different form. Huge conglomerates and companies exist, that exhaust changed the way one views and lives life. In fact, Lenins words, that Imperialism is the highest make up of Capitalism, had turned a reality now.This paper attempts to explore Che Guevaras speech in the General Assembly, called Colonialism Is Doomed. Ches speech outlines the different ways in which the countries of the Third World, have experienced the onslaught of Capitalism, in the form of Colonialism, and today, we can propose the occurrence of Neo-Colonialism.Che Guevara, the Argentine Marxis... the manner in which Colonialism, Imperialism and Capitalism have reduced the world into an imbalance amongst the haves and the have-nots. The speech deals with examples from Latin American, Asian and African countries, that have survived the onslaught of Colonial Powers, that have turned capitalistic today.Che talks about how the Imperialist United States has ensured that the Third World bows down in front of them. He states examples of Puerto Rico, wherein North Americans have indulged in implanting the hybrid culture of Spanish and English together. In spite of this, Puerto Ricans have safeguarded their unique culture and heritage, without bowing down to the Yankees. He also cites the examples of how the Belgians, the very same receptors of racial abom ination by the Germans, for not being the pure race of Aryans, were now perpetrators of racial crimes against the Congolese. He also intercommunicate about the need for Peoples Republic of China to be represented in the General Assembly, and not the model from Taiwan, since it was supported by the United States.Che states, it must be made clear that in the area of the Caribbean, maneuvers and preparations for antagonism against Cuba are taking place off the coast of Nicaragua above all, in Costa Rica, in the leghorn Canal Zone, in the Vieques Islands of Puerto Rico, in Florida, and possibly in other parts of the territory of the United States, and also, perhaps, in Honduras, Cuban mercenaries are training, as well as mercenaries of other nationalities, with a purpose

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Greenlea Residential Care Home Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Greenlea Residential Care Home - Essay ExampleMrs. Marchant is of the opinion that acquiring such reports is now becoming more(prenominal) and more bureaucratic. Her profits pee been falling slightly during the last some years and this is becoming a cause of concern for her. Mrs. Merchant is now considering expanding the Care House by building an source. This extension will enable her to house double the capacity. Of course, she feels , her staff will also have to be doubled to take care of the increased number of residents. She has acquired an estimate for the building and construction of this extension which amounts to 100,000 pounds. Since her debts are not very high she is seeking limited liability which will allow more financial protection. It will also ensure a greater range of tax concessions. However, she is facing atomic number 53 legal claim. An employee who fell down while assisting a resident and hurt her thumb is seeking compensation. but Mrs. Merchant is of the f irm opinion that she will not pay compensation since there was a conduct lift available and the employee had acted negligently resulting in a breach of regulations. Now she takes time off to go down the necessary accounts to put her plan into action.

Public sector management and governance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Public orbit counseling and governance - Essay ExampleFor example market-type mechanisms like contract giving. New existence wariness also includes high emphasis on performance, maximization of out delegates and great level of customer orientation. New everyday vigilance developments include several economic, political, social and technological factors. Countries that adopt impertinently public management ar found to be witnessing fiscal and economic crises. This has resulted in the attempts to increase efficiency and reduce the price of providing public services. The crisis encountered by the welfargon state created several doubts about the role and institutional nature of the state. In umteen developing countries, developments in public administration and management go been accelerated by external pressures. Moreover, these reforms have happened in the background of structural adjustment programs. Other factors of new public management developments include pre-eminence o f neoliberal ideas that existed in the late 1970s and the deployment of efficient international management advisors and consultants on various reforms. Other factors in new public management include the development of information technology. For developing countries, new public management developments include great emphasis on proper governance and lending conditions. Earlier, new public management was considered as a phenomenon of developed countries, typically Anglo-Saxon, phenomenon. In the 1990s we have seen applications of unalike alternative of new public management practices in few developing economies and transitional economies. Downsizing and user fees are introduced in several countries, for example African countries. These activities are related to different structural adjustment works. Autonomous agencies include in the public sector are formed in certain countries. For example, the autonomous hospitals in Sri Lanka, gold coast and Zimbabwe. In Uganda and Ghana we found the hiving-off of excise and customs and revenue divisions to create executive agencies. Performance assure as well as undertake out have been the major policy options in different crisis states. Contracting out has been considered as a tool to develop SOEs, state-owned enterprises. This provided more operational freedom to SOE managers enchantment making them responsible for the performance of the enterprises. Grants, sanctions and rewards are implemented for the performance enhancement of enterprises. Performance contracts are introduced in different sectors like agriculture, transport and telecommunication. Countries like India, Bolivia and Ghana have implemented this. Contracting out is put into practice in the various sectors. Delivery of public services including road maintenance, waste management, laundry services, ply services, health services and other urban services are contracted out. In Zimbabwe we find the contracting out of different public services. Even though t he adoption of new public management practices reckon to be beneficial in certain cases, they have certain limitations to be applied in add together crisis states. In Brazil and few other African countries new public management have brought cost savings while contracting out public works like road maintenance. However these techniques shape certain limitations in few states. The inefficiency of new public management in such countries reveals that there are institutional problems and other issues that

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American Civil War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

American Civil War - Essay ExampleHis ultimate close in the campaign of 1864 was ostensibly the capture of the Confederate capital, Richmond. Every movement, jell and counter attack was mean to push through the Confederate forces. Smaller Union forces under the command of Franz Siegel and Benjamin Butler essay to carry out missions that were to cut off supplies and reinforcements from General Lees Army of Northern Virginia.darn capturing Richmond would have been a great leap towards ending the war, Grant admitted in his writings that this was rattling a secondary goal. The primary objective of his campaign in the spring and summer of 1864 was to wage a war of attrition against the rebel troops. He wanted to wear them down, deplete their morale and break what remained of their inscription to the cause of the Confederacy. While Grant ultimately failed in taking Richmond during the campaign, it could be argued that he did thusly cause a serious drop in morale among Confederate so ldiers by causing high-pitched rates of attrition and displaying more tenacity to win battles than any Union commander had before him (Rickard 2006).The offset printing of the campaign began with Grant traveling with Meade and the Army of the Potomac south, in an attempt to cross the Rapidan River and travel through the wilderness. This Wilderness had been the scene of fierce fighting one year earlier that resulted in the retreat of the Union forces patronage across the river. Grant was hoping that he could push through the Wilderness before Lee was able to position his troops. Lee beat Grant to the Wilderness and the forces met amid the thick brush and tangles of the forest. Lee was successful in game the Union advance, but Grant showed considerable determination by refusing to retreat back across the river. Instead, he withdrew from the Wilderness and tried to march around Lees army.Grant set his sights on obtaining ascendence of a railroad junction near a village known as

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Marketing Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 5

Marketing inquiry - Essay ExampleResearch studies can be of two tokens. They are usually the basic type of look for and secondly the applied type of research. The type of research depends on the focus of the study. Research studies play to be conducted for the expanding the level of knowledge horizon for the individuals or for gaining new information related to any outlook (Thornhill et al 2007). Also research is conducted at times to derive solutions for certain management or trade related problems (Thornhill et al 2007).Research studies are an in-depth process of studying any aspect. Research writing tends to look for many new dimensions of any adequate to(p) and with the help of research possible conclusions and recommendations are deduced by complete analysis of the research study. The first and foremost part of commencing any research study is to develop a swell research proposal (Lindfelt and Trnroos 2006).A research proposal gives a good mind about the study and hel ps towards highlighting the aspects that will be included in the research and also discusses the research path taken by the researcher. Therefore it is very important to follow all the comp unrivallednts of a good research proposal so that the outcome of the research study can take place in a systematic manner (Hanson and Grimmer 2007).Introduction is important for any piece of writing and therefore one to two paragraphs of the subject of research need to be discussed here so that the reader gets the overview of the subject style that is going to be researched upon further (Thornhill et al 2007). The introductory paragraph opens the path of the study for the researcher.The underlying principles and the floor of the subject title needs to be discussed here. The interest of the researcher on the topic should be discussed here. The evidence needs to be discussed related to the subject title such as any problems related to the subject of research is motivating the researcher to carry out the study in this subject scope

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Discuss the impact of globalisation on an African country. (Nigeria) Essay

Discuss the impact of globalisation on an African country. (Nigeria) - study Example at that place is not only economic aspect to globalization, as it also has an impact on the political, cultural and ideological aspects of countries and their relations. In the case of underdeveloped countries it is often dealed that Globalization helps in their development nonetheless this tends to vary as there are certain positive and negative effects of globalization in case of underdeveloped countries.In the eighties Globalization came out as a liberating force loss the sphere from the military politics. In the nineties, with the advent of information technology it further gave the concept of turning the world into global village. It was with globalization that led to the adoption of western models by the underdeveloped countries such as Nigeria (Bigman). In Nigeria today there is a socio-economic flux that has been aggravated ascribable to the cultural legacy (Bigman). Its economic posit ioning is quite weak mainly because of the inadequacy in its economic capacity as well as its infrastructure. This economic weakening is also attributed to the monoculture dependency and the terms of export trade which are quite unfavorable. There is also agonizing burden of debts. Also before 1986 the country had expansion policies for its monetary and fiscal policies due to its regulated economic regimes in order to develop the economy (Obadan). However due to the political derangement and rise in corruption these factors were worsened leading to less investment choices for exotic investors.In view of the globalization, Nigeria has followed a liberalizing trend whereby it has taken measures to facilitate its economy but due to the unfavorable macroeconomic conditions, character facilities and technology the sectors could not produce accordingly. Also, despite opening its economy Nigeria has depended mainly on its oil exports where its foreign

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Quantum Computing the Future Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Quantum Computing the Future - Research penning ExampleThis paper presents a detailed analysis of quantum calculator science. Quantum computing is a significant ara of current research aimed at establishing computer related tools and machines based on the rules and regulations of quantum speculation In this scenario, the quantum theory turn uplines the environs and performance of material and energy on the quantum, both at the atomic and subatomic take. . In addition, the quantum computing is not a new idea since it was first emerged in the 1970s. Moreover, the quantum computing is basically based on the ideas of quantum physics. For instance, it utilizes the properties of atoms offered by definite quantum physics theories to allow them to get together in form of quantum bits, which can be used for computers processing (Stewart, 2011 Pawliw, 2010 Webopedia, 2011). This paper discusses the role of quantum computing, its history and future developments. The basic purpose of th is research is to explain the role and importance of quantum computing in modern day information technology. Introduction The large batch of computing processing capabilities has been produced by high speed processing machines however makers of these machines assimilate not so far been capable to satisfy our desires for speed as well as processing competence. During 1947, American computer engineer Howard Aiken stated that only 6 electronic digital computers would convene the computing requirements of the U.S. Others have vigilant comparable bad forecasts regarding the power of computing power that would facilitate their rising hi-tech requirements of processing capabilities (Bonsor & Strickland, 2000), (Spector, 2007) and (Spector, Quantum computing, 2008). Additionally, the developments have evolved since individuals found novel methods of utilize a variety of substantial resources like that forces, supplies as well as energies. In this scenario, the narration of computer and information processing technology has engaged a series of transformations of sensible comprehension from mechanism to regulators to transistors to ICs and much more(prenominal). Additionally, nowadays superior lithographic methodologies are able to compress flock of micron, broad logic gates as well as wires onto the exterior of silicon technology chips. In addition, quickly they will produce even lesser portions as well as certainly stupefy at a level where logic gates are very short sized that they are created out of simply a small number of atoms (Bakir, 2011), (Franklin & Chong, 2004) and (Hughes & Williams, 2000). Furthermore, while working at atomic level that follows the policies of quantum mechanics is fairly dissimilar from the traditional policies that decide the characteristics of traditional logic gates. Consequently, if computers are to turn out to be smaller in the upcoming period, quantum technologies have to put back or add-up with what we are using at present. Here, the main idea is that the quantum technology is able to present a great deal more than cramming increasingly bits to silicon chip as well as increasing the clock-speed of computer technology microprocessors. Moreover, it is as well able to help in latest type of calculations by providing qualitatively novel algorithms foundational upon quantum theory based standards (Bakir, 2011), (Franklin & Chong, 2004) and (Hughes & Williams, 2000). This paper presents a detailed overview of quantum computing. This research will cover the historical background of quantum comput

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Marx's method can be applied to objects other than capitalism, such as Essay - 1

Marxs method can be apply to objects other than capitalism, such as nature - Essay Examplend system which they observed as the vital material aspects in determining social system and class relations, and as well the assign and the sharing of political authority.Marxism could as well be observed as a separate conk out towards the scrutiny of society, p fine articularly in terms of historical progressions of trans smorgasbord, which has had a remarkable impact on some(prenominal) areas of study within the social sciences and the humanities. The Marxist scrutiny of capitalism and the situations under which capitalism go through with(predicate) stages of financial crisis that finally lead to social and political revolt is extremely multifaceted and is fundamentally sparing in its direction. The Marxist appraisal of capitalism places meticulous stress on the responsibility of the institution of clubby property as the source of class exploitation and the need of employed workforce on a fortunate group of landlord. And the visualization of a future communist society hug the thought of reinstating secret property by common possession for the wellbeing of all and worked out by some form of direct workers control. In this essay the application of Marxs method on various objects are explained (Taylor, 1996)As a matter of fact Marxist idea has enthused studies in several areas such as art history, literature, culture studies, philosophy, historiography, and the social sciences. These influences have continued through several different tropes within Marxs flightiness - the hypothesis of estrangement, the perception of confusion, the labour theory of significance, the theories of class clash and misuse, the hypothesis of the forces and dealings of production, or the premise of the method of production. Consequently the question of Marxist method is complex there are several areas where Marxist methods have been working, and there are lots of strings contained in M arxs idea that have prone rise to different strategies.The focus here is the methodology for the social sciences including the

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Dove case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

dove case - Assignment ExampleTrademark is used by the companies for protecting its injury from others.Unilever wants few of the brands because it requires huge amount of time for developing a brand and make it popular among the mass. A company needs to spend resources and energies for managing its different brands. When a firm has more brands then it can tenderise different types of products and services to its customers which will help the company to generate more profit. For making its brand portfolio wide, Unilever is essay to acquire more brands (Mooij 91). This will facilitate the company to increase its product lines and customer base.In 1950s Dove brand positioned itself in the market by focusing on the benefits and function of its beauty bar. Dove highlighted that unlike other soap the beauty bar of Dove does not make the skin dry. Moisturizing run down is present in the beauty bar of Dove which makes the skin healthy and smooth (Williams 56). From the time of mid-fifti es Dove refused to call its product as soap. The brand wants to create its unique image by this.In 2007, Dove positioned its brand as a lifestyle brand with different types of beauty products. The brands developed an aflame attachment with the customers and created a strong connection with them. Dove launched new products and tries to gather maximum information astir(predicate) its target customers for understanding their attitude towards the brand. Dove positioned its brand in fulfilling the expectation of its customers (Weiser 46).Decentralized structure was followed in Unilever before 2000. The company has many brands operating in different market but selling corresponding category of products. During that time managing different brands throughout the world became difficult for the company. Unilever faced lack of co-ordination among its different merchandise divisions. Brand management was not so effective for the company. Excessive decentralization increased the cost of the company. In 2000 the condition of Unilever was bad in

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British Political Structure Essay Example for Free

British Political Structure probeThe british governmental ashes is made up of signals of fan tan and regional assemblies in Scotland, wales and northern Ireland. where members of parliament (MPs) discuss four main issues statute, representation, investigation and financing.The theatre of operationss of commons The admits of commons is part of the process of british politics. The house of commons up-to-the-minutely holds 647 mps in parliament which act as a political forum for Britain. Where MPs can scrutinise, examine and react to the g everyplacenment polices and actions. After having a turn over on a certain issue the commons will vote on how to deal with the issue. MPs be voted in from 647 consituencys in the customary election which takes place every five years. the biggest caller majority of mps currently labour will form a political sympathies.MPs be seen as having constituency intrests and responsibilities. Which means they ask questions and raise matter in debate concerning the problems of their consistency. The issues from MPs constituencys atomic number 18 often raised in local meetings and letters from their consituants. Although the political impact of this nationally will be limited locally it be significant in addressing problems. The commons also deals with public petitions, which are debated over if urgent. Petitions are increasingly popular r appeare of getting an issue public attention and is the only track voter can address issues to parliament. The house of lordsT The house of lords currently consists of two parts, the Lords lay and Lords Spiritual. Lords Temporal include life peers and hereditary peers. However due to on going reforms of the role of herditary peers in the house of lords. The Lords Spiritual represent the established Church of England and consists of 26 members, the Archbishops of York and Canterbury and the 24 most senior Bishops of the church. It currently acts to freshen up legislation formed by t he House of Commons, with the power to propose amendments, and exercises a suspensive veto. This allows it to rest legislation if it does not approve for twelve months. The House of Lords is currently also the final court of appeal on civil cases within the United Kingdom although cases can then go on to the European steep court for appeal.National assemblies Though the UK parliament remains the main parliament, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have assemblies. All leash assembies are elected by proportional representation instead of the traditional governance first by the post. The devolved governments have some legislative powers to deal with issues in their country however issues involving the whole united body politic are still controled by the houses of parliament. they can also have their powers changed by an Act of the UK Parliament.How rights are passed The government is responsible for the majority of innovative laws. Individual MPs and opposition parties can s uggest laws but do not have the time or the raise to put laws through parliament. parties usually announce new laws and amedments in on that point manifestoes for the general elections. The government firstly publishes a Green opus, A Green Paper is a period of consultation where the government seeks feedback and ideas from specialists, senior members of government and the general public.After the consultation is over, the government will then publish a White Paper. The white paper is how the government states its intention to enclose the new legislation. When the government has decided on the white paper and if it should become legislation they will tuck a parliamently bill . As the bill progresses through parliament, amendments are made which affect what the final law will be. After macrocosm debated in the commons the bill is then passed on to the house of lords. the house of lords considers the law in detail and will either pass the bill on for royal comply or denial the bill and send it back to the house of commons to be debated further.The current ballot system in local and general elections is called the first past the post system. There are 659 disassociate areas across the UK to each unrivaled electing one MP. In order to vote you must be eighteen although in that location is on going debate to bring it d give to sixteen so that their be a big percentage of voters. Uk citizens who are currently in prison have there right to vote suspended. The general election takes place every five years and can be called at anytime by the current government within the five years. www.Voting takes place in choose stations in each constituency, to vote you must place an x next to prospect you like to elect and place it in the ballot box. this process is also a secret ballot to concord the voting system much democratic because it doesnt give any party candidate an advantage and stops any votes being influenced. The candidate with the most votes regardl ess if the candidate has more than 50% of the vote will become the MP of that constituency. the party with the most MPs is then elected into government. For typeface here are terzetto main national parties. Candidate A (labour) 22,000 votesCandidate B (Conservative) 17,00 votes Candidate C (Lib Dems) 13,000 votes In this example, the travel by winner is Candidate A with a majority over candidate B of 5000. In the example above, 22 000 voted for the candidate that won that election howver 30 000 voted against the winner therefore the party doesnot have to support of the majority. (www.gaurdian.co.uk)Positives of the first past the post The first past the post is a cheap and simple way to hold an election, as each voter has to place one cross on the ballot paper. find of the ballot papers is usually fast and result of a british election is usually cognize the very next day after polling. The first past the post system creates clear majorities for one party this prevents coalition s for forming which could give extremist minority partys influence on how the countrys run. (www.bbc.co.uk)Negatives of the first past the post there is only one MP elected per area so the people who did not vote for that candidate there views do not get represented. The voting system can put the public take out voting because if they vote for smaller parties its seen as a wasted vote and will not make a difference, however if we take propostional representation smaller parties will have more of a misfortune of gaining more seats. The first past the post system works very well if there are only two parties running for an election. but if there is more than two parties running for an election the system becomes unfair on the smaller parties, due to the fact the system works on most votes gained. If we adopted a proportional representation system this would create a fairer voting system for all political parties. (www.bbc.co.uk)Political theorists Charles kenedy commented on the cu rrent voting system in may 2005 stating,The door is open as far as we are concerned on voting reform. The Prime Minister could pick up the phone tomorrow if he wishes. Clearly we would be interested in creating a fair voting system. The strains on the first-past-the-post system are getting too much, Labour got 130 more seats than their votes authorise them to. The Liberal and other parties received half as many seats as they should have got. peerless and a half million votes were cast for parties who didnt win a seat, including the Greens and UKIP. (www.independant.co.uk)Nick Herbert, the Conservative total affairs spokesman recently commented on the voting system in august 2007, This leaked copy of the review blows out of the water the case for changing Britains tried and tested electoral system. The Governments own report admits that proportional representation has caused voter confusion and not increased turnout. And it says that Alternative Vote would urinate even more dispr oportionate results than any other system. I fear the real reason for the delay in publishing this review is Labour trying to fiddle the dossier. This Government has repeatedly meddled with the electoral system for partisan advantage, undermining public confidence in the integrity of the ballot.

The Violence Runner Essay Example for Free

The Violence Runner EssayThroughout the history, there beget been leaders of good and malevolent, moral and immoral, peaceful and violent alike. Sometimes, when the evil takes proponent and misuses it, the staggering impact they think of in the society good deal be appalling and outrageous. In Khaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner, Assef is exemplary of an evil leader who misuses his spring and stands in the frontlines of crippling Afghanistan and its people into a coal black mist of chaos. First of all, Hosseini places Assef under(a) the perfect setting in which the author bestows Assef the opportunity to develop his power as an antagonist in the novel. Throughout the history, there have been leaders of good and evil, moral and immoral, peaceful and violent alike. Sometimes, when the evil takes power and misuses it, the staggering impact they entail in the society can be appalling and outrageous. In Khaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner, Assef is exemplary of an evil leader who mi suses his power and stands in the frontlines of crippling Afghanistan and its people into a pitch-black mist of chaos. First of all, Hosseini places Assef under the perfect setting in which the author bestows Assef the opportunity to develop his power as an antagonist in the novel.In the nineteenth century, Hazaras fails to rise against the Pashtuns in Afghanistan, and subsequently, discrimination against the Hazaras becomes prevalent in the society. In this type of environment, Assef naturally gains superiority over the Hazaras as a Pashtun and forms discriminative views and ethnic offense towards them. It is even understandable for Assef to claim Adolf Hitler, the infamous dictator who relentlessly exterminated millions of Jews and other ethnic groups, to be a great leader, a man with vision. (Hosseini, page 40) This is because to Assef, Hitler is his role model Assef turn overs that Hazaras should be exterminated from the lawsuit of the earth, as he is determined to ask Daoud Khan, the newly president, to rid Afghanistan of all the dirty, Kaseef Hazaras. (Hosseini, page 40) This way, Assef naturally develops his inexorableness and sadism that he teemingy makes usage out of. His violent mindset against the Hazaras leads him to later join the Taliban, in which he gains the position to freely kill Hazaras without punishment, and relentlessly ties up Afghanistan in a bundle of Taliban laws.As we can see, Assef uses his superiority over the Hazaras that he gains from the society that he lives in, and manipulates it fully to dominate over the ethnic group. To delay and frighten them he would often times use violence as his tool. Assef rules the streets of Wazir Akbar Khan section of capital of Afghanistan with his notorious savagery and relentless violence. In the streets of the Wazir Akbar Khan, Assefs word is law, and if the law is broken, then his stainless-steel assurance knuckles are used accordingly as a punishment.(Hosseini, pag3 38) Here, Hosseini uses stainless-steel brass knuckles as a significant paper throughout the novel, and also a symbol of violence and dominating power. Whenever we see Assef do violence on somebody, we can observe emergence of his brass knuckles. When Hassan defends Amir against Assef with his slingshot, Assef tells Hassan and Amir, this doesnt end today, believe me. (Hosseini, page 42) This suggests that Assef is a relentless, merciless and vengeful figure, foreshadowing his later revenge against Hassan and Amir.The brass knuckles step forward again towards the end of the novel, when Assef beats Amir miserably with his brass knuckles flashing in the good afternoon light, and thus fulfilling his warning and revenge that he had in his childhood. (Hosseini, page 288) These brass knuckles clearly arrange physical domination on those who do not have such power these multiple scenes of the hap emergence of the brass knuckles suggest that violence is his power, his way to rule.Despite Assefs unbearab le whole kit of violence, he holds one power that not everyone has the power to commute ones life completely. rapine is a significant motif that is used throughout the novel by Assef. The reason why this motif is so crucial is that through rape, Assef destroys ones integrity, emotional stability and dignity, and fully dominates them both physically and emotionally. Two significant cases would be Hassans rape and the other, Sohrabs rape. By raping Hassan, Assef destroys two individuals Hassan, who faces emotional detriment and breakdown afterwards, and Amir.Assef raping Hassan is the source of Amir feeling guilty and in remorse of not standing up for Hassan, and eventually leads him to make Hassan leave his family and ends up feeling guilty in his entire life, until he finds Sohrab resilient and to redeem himself, plunges himself in the Taliban world to save Sohrab. Clearly, Assef held the key to change both lives. On the other hand, Sohrabs life is changed dramatically through rape. As a closure, Sohrab loses speech ability and feels extremely guilty, as he claims himself to be so dirty and full of sin. (Hosseini, page 319). These two lambs, Hassan and Sohrab, are sacrificed as a result of Assefs misuse of power. Assef is clearly a violent man who holds the power in The Kite Runner. Assef makes full use of the power that he naturally gains in the society that he lives in, fully develops it and holds the key to change the society dramatically. He is the violence runner, to whom violence is always the solution to problems. Bibliography Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York Riverhead, 2003. Print.

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Bless Me Ultima Essay Example for Free

Bless Me Ultima EssayWhat will Antonio reverse when he grows up? A priest? A vaquero? A curandero? A farmer? Antonios future is not clear because, at the end of the novel, he has finally decided to choose his receive path. Instead of listening to the beliefs of his mother or the desires of his father, he will fulfill Ultimas encouragement to take over his heart. With this in mind, it seems likely that Antonio will probably become a man of learning according to Ultima, Whether or not this means that Antonio will become a priest as well is uncertain. Considering his questions about holiness and morality and his anxieties about sin, it seems as if the life of a priest is not for him. However, no matter what he decides to do when he becomes an adult, the most important thing is that he has learned to make his own path.I had more time to spend with Ultima, and in her company I found a great megabucks of solace and peace. (Anaya 223) If Antonio found solace and peace with Ultima because of what she did (being a curandera). So why should he give up his solace and peace once she was gone? If becomes a curandero he would give himself solace and peace because of what he would do like Ultima. I dropped to my knees ordain me, Ultima (Anaya 260) Antonio asked to bless him right before she died. Antonio did not ask her to bless him in the name of God but a being a curandera. This seems to make Antonio not conceive in God but in the powers of curandera. I bless you in the name of all that is sound and strong and beautiful, Antonio. Always have the strength to live.Love life, and if despair enters your heart, look for me in the evenings when the wind is downcast and the owls sing in the hills. I shall be with you(Anaya 261) Ultimas final pity to Antonio Her statement also gives Antonio a idea with which to understand her death by offering a sequence of physical objects that he potentiometer see as symbols of her life and through which he can continue to feel he r presence. Antonio will be without Ultima and will have to make his own choices without her guidance from now on, but she makes it clear in this blessing that her spirit will endure with him and that the lessons she has taught him will still serve him well even after she dies.

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Applying Branding Techniques Essay Example for Free

Applying Branding Techniques EssayIntroductionThe Brand Techniques pretending is based on cosmetic partys building of a new-made stain. CaShara is a United States based cosmetic manufacturer and marketer of skin c ar, hair care, and make-up. CaShara has an established defect presence and known for quality harvest-tides. The recent consumer interest in innate(p) products has made CaShara counsel decide to cater to this segment of the cosmetic market. The company has decided on a 5,000 year oldish health care system from India called Ayurveda. As the newly appointed Brand Manager, I will be responsible for building the new differentiate Three executives gave their expert advice in the decision making mold through step up the pretending exercise. They were Tina Trotter, Head of Sales Monique Knight, Brand Consultant and Jim Reding, Country Manager.Perceptual MapThe simulation give the psychographic profile of the Ayurvedic client as Caucasian to African American, age 18- 35 with an income of $50,000 or higher. The consumer survey shows the customer base largely holistic and classy with a combined 55%. Meaning they like the natural base products and exclusive products. The principles of Ayurveda are explained as the Three Doshas. This is important to under brave out because it shows the three skin types the new brand will target. This will be dry, oily, and irritable. The brand position excerpt made was high on both holistic and classy and titled Enduring Secrets from the East. This was incorrect. The correct choice was high holistic and meek classy.Correct title is Perfect balance, mind and body. The reason for the choice was because of the psychographic percentages only contained a slim fight in weighted value. I didnt realize this choice meant the brand would need to carve out a new recess instead of competing against another companys products. The choice made meant the percept of the product would be set as a lofty, unreachable goad ofperfect in all way alleviating all concerns and possible disadvantages.Brand Name, Logo, SloganTwo choices were made correctly using the decoct group information. The brand name chosen was Natural Balance because it aligned with the brand positioning. Logo good turn 2 was chosen because of the market surveys information. The logos green color and curves match the preferences of the centre groups. The shape gives the feel of feminine soft. The slogan of A Return to Nature was chose, but was not the trump out choice as it was similar to a competitors slogan. This choice doesnt allow the brand to stand alone and differentiate itself in the market. It could dilute the brands identity. According to Cron.com the choosing of a name, logo, and slogan are to the highest degree as important as the products sold.If you choose your name and logo well, they will stay in your customers minds and propel them of the value your company offers. In fact, a well-chosen name and logo can help you to st and out amount the competition. Your customers will instantly think of your memorable business name and logo whenever they are in the market for your products or services. For this very reason, the slogan that is similar to another like product is a grave error.Brand Associations- The Final LookNow we are down to choosing the brand associations. Who will fire and what events or causes will be align our brand with? The focus groups chose Maria Switzer as the articulation. They also pointed to two functions of interest, Partner with GreenEco and providing grants to womens trust funds. These choices apply $27,300 of the allotted $34,000. Total cost of these choices is $327,000 and under budget. It makes find for a product that is built around natural ingredients to be associated with an environmental group like GreenEco.It also shows the companys long term commitment to the environment. The choice of providing grants to womens trust funds is a choice that gives back to the communi ty in a broad spectrum. The customer base can see where they whitethorn see benefit locally for the dollars theyve spent. The choice of Maria Switzer was that of a strong, independent female with her own sense of style. The publics view of longevity is associated with this individuals unique persona.Beyond the SimulationThe simulation was good about applying the principles of brand positioning, but there are more ways to make your product stand out among similar brands. One additional aspect is to show ownership. The simulation had a spokesperson picked, but customers like to be able to identify an owner. This is true for large and small companys ability to stand out from the competition. Knowing the face behind the product is important to keeping the consumer engaged. Per the SBA, Businesses unfeignedly thrive when the energy of the owner is there. A good example was Steve Jobs involvement with Microsoft. Small businesses can every bit benefit from the consumer having a face behin d the product or service.It lets people know the owner is compound and active with the business. Another way to put on stood out was not only the shape of the container, but to have the container recyclable, biodegradable, or refillable would have been a good aspect to have. This would further appeal to the profile of being environmentally friendly and support the GreenEco cause the brand is supporting. The brand in the simulation, Ayurveda, immediately had a sense of public assistance and soothing associated with the brand. Not only is it not irritating to the individuals skin, but the environment too. The brand was immediately associated with everything green in todays society.Service vs. Tangible productHad the simulation used a service instead of a tangible product application there would have been no real difference. A brand is in the minds of the consumer. It is setting or understanding their perception of the product or service offered.ConclusionThe simulation was an excel lent tool in learning and applying the branding techniques. It was only afterwards wrong decisions were made and explained, that I understood why they were incorrect. At that point they seem obviously wrong. devising sure to use the differences of a product or service is the key to finding a niche and making a product stand out among the masses.ReferencesChron, retrieved March 9, 2014 from http//smallbusiness.chron.com/choose-company-name-logo-2348.html SBA retrieved March 9, 2014 fromhttp//www.sba.gov/community/blogs/10-tips-help-you-build-and-grow-stand-out-small-business-brand

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A letter and a statement Essay Example for Free

A earn and a account EssayRight at the base of the page the companys reminder around development protection act shadower be constitute. The bum of the earn is a tearaway slip which has a unique reach work of pale blue. The purpose of this letter is to inform the customer ab tabu their subvention claims active their life indemnity. The letter is brief and formal. The letter consists of a tear away slip, which takes well-nigh of the home on the page. The letter text consists of few paragraphs explaining the how to contact the company about any queries regarding the customers bonus claims. The letter is related to a bonus claim is has a reference number to a lower place the organise. The letter is in the chief(prenominal) written in a uncomplicated form aloneowing any one to read the letter and study it. The letter is split in to deuce main parts one being the main letter, which has all the text and reckons and the other being the tearaway slip which is on the letter if any contact elaborate atomic number 18 incorrect. The letter needs a few improvements. Currently thither is no background saturation for the letter reservation it boring and making it less important. If the letter had food colouring, it would allow the customer or someone reading it remember it.Generally all of the components ar properly located on the letter with the frame and text being in the chasten location. be attitudes the unique thing is that the companys contact expand argon in a unalike place then other letter. Other improvements could include making the companys guide word more effective by using colour and a border around it that will fool it bag out and look effective. Currently the letter is eligible beca pulmonary tuberculosis of the simple language utilise with in the letter. Also the letter is set out in simple manner allowing the letter it be dumb easily and is precise to the point.If the language changes, this will cave in the lett er hard to understand and can place of some customers. The instructions for the tearaway slips are easy to understand allowing the customer to follow them easily. The Britannia Life differentiatement has the logotype situated in the same place as in the letter. The logo is in the crystallize right kick the bucket corner of the page. The logo has the companys colours included init being royal blue. The logo consists of a shape that is a rectangle and text saying the companys name. The date cannot be found on the logical argument. The companys colours are used in the logo as well as the background and in the table.The background colour of the record is pale blue. The cells in the tables with the headings of the columns redeem dark blue background. In the middle of the statement the address of the customer can be viewed. On the left of the customers address there is some text explaining a telephone number, which could be used by the customer if they do not understand any thing or hire a query. Below there is a big table taking to the highest degree of the place on the page. The table consists of seven columns. Right at the bottom below the table there is an important notice explaining the company and explanation of the headings.The purpose of the statement is to give the customer information on the current state of their pension funds for the future and the bonuses they fetch received. The statement also informs the customer of the staple fiber profit and any other new bonus received. In the table all the in location information about their pension are given including the total basic profit benefit. The Britannia Life statement is easy to understand, as there is no difficult language used at all. Mostly it consists of figures and values. The statement is formed of two main parts with the top half(a) consisting of the logo and contact phone number.Also the top half of the statement has the contact address for the customer. The other half of the sta tement consists of the table, which holds vital information relating the customers pension policy and any bonuses they have received. The statement is set out to landscape format. The Britannia Life statement could not really be improved as the table uses all of the space wisely. The statement is clear and easy to understand. The main thing that could be changed is that the companys contact details should be shown allowing the customer to contact the company easily with out any hassle of finding contact information.The statement has clear headings and values with big points size making it easier by any one to understand unintelligent or unilliterate. The statement currently is really simple made up of tables that divide all the details in to areas. This makes it really simple to understand the cost and bonuses received by the customer on their pension. The background colour around the table makes the table stand out making it simpler to understand the details. Analysis chemical b ond Leicester has their logo in the same situation on letter and the statement being on the top left hand corner of the pages. simply AXA has its logo in the middle of the page, right near the top on the statement and on the letter. Both companies use their company colours in the logo. First of AXA used dark blue and red in their logo and Alliance Leicester use orange and blue in their logo. The last company Britannia Life has its logo in the same position on both documents being on the right top hand corner. heretofore all of the companys have situated their logo in incompatible places on the top of the page and all of the companys logos can be recognised by the companys colour being used in them.The Alliance Leicester use a unique layout on their letter as it consists of a line separating the actual letter and some advantages in big point size in bold on right hand of the page. While the AXA letter is simple with only text on it related to the actual letter its self. Also the A XA letter has a lot of free space with the Alliance Leicester letter being more compressed. overall the Britannia Life is different as it has a tearaway slip making it different from them all. The letter also has space available near the top half of the letter but the bottom of the letter is gloomy for space because of the tearaway slip.Generally the Britannia Life letter is simpler to understand then the Alliance Leicester and AXA letter because of the complex language used throughout. All of the letters have the customers address, which is a standard piece of information in the correct place being on the left hand ramp of the page average below the top of the page. The dates can be found on all of the letter but in different locations. First of all the date on the Alliance Leicester letter is situated on the top right hand side. The date on the AXA letter is found on top right hand side nearly the same position as the Alliance Leicester date.But the date on the Britannia Life letter is found in different location, which is situated above the address on the left hand side of the page. All of the letters have contact details of the organizations on them. Two of the letters have them more often than not in the same position. The two letters that have the contact details in the same position are the Alliance Leicester letter and the AXA letter. The difference of the contact details is that the Alliance Leicester contact details have a background colour being bright orange but the AXA contact details do not have any background colours or patterns.The Britannia Life contact details are totally in a different position, which is on the top right hand of the page just underneath the logo. The Alliance Leicester letter consists of bullet points as well text. The text has different sub headings to make it easier for the reader to understand what each section is about. But the other letter from AXA and Britannia are simple letters with one overall heading explainin g what the whole letter is about and purpose. Those letters do not have any special formatting used with in them for example the bullets points in the Alliance Leicester letter.Different types of information can be found at the bottom of each letter. First of all at the bottom of the Alliance Leicester letter we can find the contact details as well as the copyright trademark act. Consequently only the contact details can be found on the AXA letter. But on the Britannia Life Letter at the bottom the data protection act details can be found informing the customer about how the company regards and obeys the act at all quantify and explaining to the customer that their personal information is safe with the company.Britannia Life Letter is the only letter to have an image on it none of the other letters have an image on them. The statements are all different with only two statements having the date on them being from Alliance Leicester and AXA. All of the statements use tables in them. The most tables are used in the AXA statement to show all the details about the motor insurance customer details. However in the Alliance Leicester statement the table is used to show the payment repayable amounts and dates. A big table can be found in the Britannia Life statement, which takes mostly the space on the statement.That table is used to show something totally different from the other statement. It is there to show the bonuses and policy information about the pension funds. All of the statements show the state of different things. The Alliance Leicester statement shows the state of the current account of a customer and shows the payment due dates. The Alliance Leicester statement informs the customer about their credit limit and how much credit limit they have available. The Alliance Leicester statement has a catchword but the AXA statement does not have a slogan.However the Britannia Life statement does not have a slogan but the letter does in a different position bein g on the top left hand side of the page. The AQA statement shows renewal details of the insurance. It has details of the company and drivers. The details can be found in the tables that have colour used in the cells with the headings same as the Britannia Life Statement table. The Britannia Life statement informs the customer of the state of their bonuses and pension policies with figures and numbers making it easier. The statement does not have a slogan unlike the Alliance Leicester Statement.All of the statements have contact details found on them but all the contact details vary. The only contact detail found on the Britannia Life statement is a telephone number on the top left side of the landscape-formatted page. But on the AXA statement the contact details can be found at the bottom also in the top table, which has a telephone number. The contact details in the Alliance Leicester statement can be found on the top right hand corner. The contact detail is a telephone number and an address. The Alliance Leicester has colour used on it in the logo and a background behind where the credit limit is shown.But the only source of colour on the AXA statement is the colour used in the logo and in the cells, which contain the headings. There is no background colour used. rather in the Britannia Life statement colour is used in the logo. There is also colour used in the background through out the page. Colour can be found in the cells in table, which contain the headings for the columns. The Britannia Life Statement also has a picture in the background of table presentation a bridge none of the other statement has an image in the background.

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A Letter to His Son- Chesterfield, Ap Question Essay Example for Free

A Letter to His Son- Chesterfield, Ap Question EssayThis passage is by no means a message of simplicity, and good intentioned writing for his son to be taken lightly. Chesterfield reflects his own value and moral philosophy in these short paragraphs, in attempts to remind his son of his responsibilities for him to weigh and consider. Chesterfields morals and values are clearly portrayed by his use of strategies such as understatement, contradiction, rhetorical question, and at long last he uses guilt, to make his intention unquestionableHow does a parent change the behavior of the prodigal squirt? Chesterfield can attempt to bring his partying son to his senses by writing a persuasive argument. Chesterfield laces his first paragraph with understatement, in order to make his intentions clear, also he spends the first 17 lines discrediting his own advice and morals even, simply to contradict himself later on I know, too, that the advice of parents, more particularly, is ascr ibed to the moroseness, the imperiousness, or the garrulity of old age. Imperiousness herald on Chesterfield, in no way do you feel arrogant after writing knocked out(p) all those fat checks so uncommon care can be taken into his sons education just so he can party overseas and not take service of his head start on the world, lets be honest, Chesterfield is dealing with a parents worst nightmare.Chesterfields rhetoric is also in truth apparent is the quote I flatter myself, that as your own reason, young as it is, must tell apart you, that I can have no interest scarcely yours in the advice I give you. here he basically states his faith in his sons ability to derive, and implement good advice, but clearly the underlying meaning is that his own advice is the best.Chesterfields constant contradiction however does not immobilise there, Chesterfields intention by using by persuasive strategy, is most definitely guilt gaucherie his son. I do not, therefore, so much as to hint to you, how absolutely dependant you are upon me that you incomplete have, nor can have a shilling in the world but from me I have no womanish weakness for you person. These lines are by far the strongest in the passage, not only does Chesterfield break squander his sons feeling of self worth (using guilt). His intentions are obvious, he is basically saying that his son is obligated to stick to his advice, contradicting what he express earlier about taking or leaving your parents advice.After revealing his true(p) intention, Chesterfield switches gears, and breaks out his rhetorical questions to really put doubt and guilt into in his son and his fellow consultation reading this in the eyes of his son. There is no greater pleasure than to be universally allowed to surmount those of ones own age and manner of life? Son, your opportunities are limited, so don licentiousness them. Chesterfields use of rhetorical questions most of all makes clear that his son has had more opportun ities than most children, and that he should truly be trying to take advantage of them.This essay can be broken cut down into two parts, the contradictory part, and then the rhetorical part. This is truly down to earth, straightforward, no-bull summary of what chesterfield wishes for his childs future, time at the same time revealing to son the values that he holds most dear to him. Having said that, this essay was less of a suggestion, but more of threat, using sarcastic tone, and politeness, making the formality face unique, but overall the general feeling Chesterfield wises to synthesize is guilt. There is no doubt that he is disappoint in his sons decision to not take advantage of his highly privileged education, so in short terms, this is a letter portraying a parents worst nightmare, and how does he/she deal with this suddenly distracted child?

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Consider Pip from Great Expectations and Ralph from Lord of the Flies Essay Example for Free

Consider pullulate from massive Expectations and Ralph from nobleman of the Flies EssayWhich character do you find gives the almost realistic portrayal of puerility? some(prenominal) of these novels contain depictions of babyhood. An important fact to keep alert of is that in daemon portrayal of baby birdhood, there be bads present to take form whisk through his encounters with them, whereas Golding leaves his characters liberal from any channelise adult hand. Pips sister macrocosm on the rampage when she felt Joe or Pip had d unitary the slightest thing wrong, is distinct to Ralphs experience of childhood on the island as the closest thing he has to an adult guide is loutish, who whilst undoubtedly more(prenominal) intelligent than the other boys, lacks the respect and authority an adult commands. Pip and Ralph are alike in time in their longing for a lack of adults, except then the enliven of a realized ambition all overcame him. In the middle of the s car he stood on his head and grinned at the reversed fat boy.No producen ups Is what Golding tells us of Ralph, and similarly monsters Pip calls them all toadies and humbugs. Although these views both depend to concur that a lack of adults is definitely a good thing, they do differ somewhat, I do non believe Ralph would go so far as to call all adults toadies and humbugs and this is certainly to do with their different backgrounds. Ralph is a Home Counties lad with a father high up in the navy who knows that the queen has a drawer full of maps, whereas Pip is the adopted son of a blacksmith and although Ralphs lifestyle may not necessarily have been glamorous, it was much more homely and welcoming than the one Pip enjoys.The dickens novels are in like manner set over a greatly differing time span. Lord of the Flies lasts possibly several weeks at the most, whereas Pips childhood lasts several years in Great Expectations. Obviously this will fly the coop a part in how realis tic their childhoods seem as we see no more than the bloody(a) of an eye of Ralphs, but have a much more in depth viewing of Pips.Adults mould Pip throughout his childhood, and the most important adults getd in this are Pumblechook, Mr Wopsle and Pips sister. All of these have a tendency to look down on Pip, and it is for that reason that Joe is not included in the list, as he and Pip treat each other like equals. Ralph on the other hand has no guiding force behind him throughout all the time the reader knows him. Whereas Ralph is a very expressive child, he stands on his head and laughs and looks golden, Pip is not, in the early stages of the loudness, free from the tyranny of his sister. So there is a crucial difference between the two novels in that Ralph and his companions are free to be children without adult ideals being laid upon them, whereas Pip is expected to be a child the air confederacy expects him to be, be gratifying boy to them which bought you up by hand bein g a good example of this.A keystone aspect of childhood is Fear, c oncern of the dark, fear of the unknown and fear of adults to name but a few. Both authors work this aspect of childhood into their novels somehow. heller does this with Magwitchs young man a boy may throw out his door, may be warm in bed, may tuck himself up, may draw the clothes over his head, may think himself comfortable and safe, but that young man will softly looney and creep his musical mode to him and tear him open.All this to scare Pip into getting him some wittles and it works, from the language in that quote, it is evidently apparent that two had a very good idea of childhood and its workings, on of the few things frequent to children is that they do think bed to be the ultimate haven. Pip is scared by Magwitch into stealing from his sister, who he is already afraid of, and this is significant in that it shows dickens had a very good grasp of what childhood was about, and is thus likely to have a very good portrait of childhood in his novel. possibly even more significant than this is that Pip steals a file from Joe his trusted friend, and this as well shows more thought on Dickens part about children, they do not discriminate between close friends and others to the finish older people do.And so we see the counter part to this in Lord of the Flies, when alone and with no adults on the desert island the children smelling the need for a kindling and steal grosss glasses to light it. piggish is Ralphs main ally on the island, and certainly Ralph is Piggys only friend, so the situation is much akin to the one in Great Expectations but we do not see the same level of remorse from Ralph. sort of of Pips fearful I held tight to the leg of the table under the cloth, with both hands, and awaited my fate in anticipation of any retribution that may be dealt out, all that Golding says of the boys remorse at leaving Piggy blind and helpless is for Ralph to hand them back when done with them, and it is here that it seems as though Golding has a get around understanding of children, he appreciates that their consciences are not yet fully developed as they are inefficient to grasp the implications of what they have done.The fear that grows apparent on the island stock- button up is not the same kind of fear as Pip experiences. One of the little-uns complains of a beastie, nonsense is the response he gets from Ralph, and yet The vivid curse of this, so possible and nakedly terrifying held them all silent. And it is here where the crux of the argument begins to form for Dickens having the better portrayal of childhood. The Beastie is in fact symbolic of the horror kind-hearteds will create on the island, and the rest of Goldings novel is also mostly symbolic, whereas Great Expectations isnt. The natural reaction for Ralph and company to have is to rise and ward of the beastie somehow, and thus the fire begins to become more than simply a rescue beacon.T he relationships between characters is also a major part in the views we are offered of childhood. Golding uses the views of others to reveal aspects of the main characters, and so influence how we feel about them, Piggys view of Ralph and the others Like a crowd of kids - is supposed to make the reader feel that Piggy is far more mature, and that in turn Ralph is excessively immature, and childlike. Dickens however uses Pips perspective throughout the novel, and the language he uses differs greatly at the start as compared to the finish for the purposes of showing the transition between child and adult.For example I religiously entertained that they had been born on their backs with their hands in their trouser pockets is understandably not the impression an adult would get from having at peace(predicate) brothers or sisters, and most likely not the way they would describe them. However at the end of the book the language use has progressed to statements such as Oh, Joe, you bear my heart Look angry at me, Joe Strike me, Joe Tell me of my ingratitude. Dont be so good to me. This is a statement the younger Pip would have been incapable of making, ti shows the complex differences in language that Dickens appreciates children use as compared to adults.In Great Expectations Pip is not tough as an adult, he is treated as a particularly worthless child, and as such he forms negative opinions of the adult creative activity he will have to grow into, that ass Pumblechook being just one example of the way Pip views this world, however Dickens also understands that childrens attitudes change very quickly, as does Golding, and so when Pip obtains Great Expectations and Pumblechook starts acting up to him, then he decides that maybe Pumblechook was a practical, sensible, good hearted fellow. This is also shown in Lord of the Flies because although by the end Ralph and Jack are literally at each others throats, when making the fire at the start Ralph finds a log that looks too heavy, but gets the reply of Not for the two of us And so Golding shows the reader a glimmer of hope that the two may get along well, but they dont, and this demonstrates the inconsistency of children.Ralph has state for the other boys on the island, and this causes him in many aspects to grow up. Instead of being only child like and swimming, diving and running about, he gets worked up because the shelters havent been made and the other are incapable of concentrating And they keep running off. You remember the meeting? How everyone was going to work hard until the shelters were finished? This is not a very childlike statement, children get frustrated because they dont get their own way, Ralph is not saying Im the leader and they dont come after me but kinda worrying that the community is ascendant to tear apart, a concern more subdued on tabloid letter pages than childrens conversations.Pip however has no such responsibility, admittedly while he does some chores se t him by his sister, or his lessons under Mr Wopsles great aunt that preposterous female, he is nowhere near as empowered as Ralph who has been voted to care for a few dozen boys. And so this also affects the childhood of the two we see, while Ralph had the easiest growing up previous to the novel (with his parents) as opposed to Pips dead parents and harsh sister, he is given a far more demanding role to play.And the way he deals with it is not very childlike in fact it comes to eventually appoint the way a tired adult may feel, worn down, beginning to despair and wondering why on earth hes taken the responsibility at all. And this is another key point to consider, Goldings children are literary metaphors for mankind, whereas Pip, although he teaches the reader about aspects of the human character, is not supposed to be representative of the whole human race, and so more likely to represent childhood better.Yet another fact to remember is that Golding and Dickens were piece in ve ry different times. Dickens was writing in what was the height of Victorian England and was teaching about society in those days. Whereas Golding was writing after the World Wars and so was trying to tell a more global message. So his Ralph is, although a child, not necessarily entirely representative of one. Pip however is forced to be a child by the constraining presence of his sister, Pumblechook and eventually the bond apprenticing him to Joe, all things that represent Victorian society, and yet things that notwithstanding apply today even if in a different form, such as parental comprise and discipline and mandatory education.Childhood on Goldings island is also not really something enjoyed particularly by Ralph and his peers, instead it is the littleuns who are the children, Ralph and the other bigger boys find themselves in the positions of adults simply because they are the biggest ones on the island. Perhaps because they are not completely mature at the time this does not help them deal with the events that happen on the island. There is possibly a case for saying that Pip too, is no ordinary child and has to grow up very fast in his attempts to impress Estella and grows up even more rapidly once he has his expectations laid upon him. However this is most likely a part of his childhood akin to the beginning of school and as this has been a part of life for every child in the last carbon years and more, this is not something that can be argued as not being a part of childhood. And most certainly at the start of the novel Pip is a child plain and simple, with no more worries than his sisters rampages.Another aspect of childhood to consider is trust and loyalty. Children are usually trusting unless something happens to make them otherwise. In Lord of the Flies, loyalty is shown by the twins and Piggys dedication to Ralph and their faith in him to get them through. Ralph however displays a special kind of loyalty, a loyalty to the good side of human na ture and a dim trust in fair play. Pips trust however is in Joe and his own learning, but the trust is very temporary with Joe, it is more of a mutual agreement to be equals. And Pip is more than happy to take his oldest friend for some money and a life in London. Here again we see that Dickens understands children are rarely consistent, whereas Golding is trying to use children as a metaphor for something much bigger.To conclude I believe that Pip is by far the better portrayal of childhood. Childhood does not generally involve the lack of adult presence to so huge an extent as it does in Lord of the Flies, however the battles of child against adult and adult society such as are seen in Great Expectations do occur almost universally. I think that some qualities the reader sees in Ralph, such as the headstands, do display the kind of innocent glee a child might express, but other than that Ralph and is peers are all examples of the human race and so representative of those who rul e the world, adults, and not of children who merely inhabit it.Goldings book is a political message of its time, whereas Dickens was writing a novel, but his was free from the idealism that contaminates Goldings work. Dickens novel still had a point, but this point was made about the way in which his society worked and in particular his belief that money is a great corrupter. Therefore I believe that Dickens Pip is the most realistic portrayal of childhood as he behaves like a child, his expressions and attitudes are all those common to children. Dickens also displays a deep understanding of how children work, and this comes across in Pips actions. Goldings children however are only just recognisable as children, they could easily be replaced with full grown adults and still the story would work just as well.

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Looking for Alibrandi Essay Example for Free

Looking for Alibrandi EssayA world-wide get ahead in the late 1990s, Author Melina Marchetta wrote a manuscript about a teenage girl meddling for herself and the way she is to live. Her name is Josephine Alibrandi who is a 17 year old Italian Australian or wog as some know it, in the novel and film of Looking for Alibrandi. Much of the discussion of Alibrandi has centred around this portraying of the multi-cultural society of Australia, although remarkably, the novel has managed to largely avoid the negative and superficial issues pigeon-holing so much realist fiction for issue adults is victim to. There is no question that Marchettas own experiences as an Italian-Australian have informed her story. Nor is there any(prenominal) doubt that in Josephine Alibrandi she has created a fresh non-Anglo-Australian voice of great power and integrity. Nevertheless, Marchetta does find that the focus on the Italian heritage of her protagonist (and herself) can be both distracting and li miting it was not, she says, her first impulse in telling Josephine Alibrandis story Another legacy of the shared Italian-Australian heritage of both author and protagonist is the communal assumption that the book must be autobiographical.The reading of her novel is in some ways complimentary, organism as it is an indication of the kind of response readers have to Josephine, and to the lively and truthful tone of the novel Marchetta has captured her showcases, their detail and the inner city suburbs of Sydney acutely and precisely. The ambivalence Marchetta feels towards Josephine is revealed through the characters of Sister Louise, her headmistress, and her boyfriend Jacob, neither of whom hesitate to organise out to Josephine when she is being selfish, over-dramatic, or plain stupid.A quite shocking example of this is in the view where Jacob rescues Josephine from a violent mob of teenage boys in a McDonalds car park, and then abuses her for her stupidity in spitting on and f urther antagonising the ring-leader. It is an indication of the exasperation that Josephine provokes in those who care about her, and Marchetta agrees with Jacob that Josephines dramatic and impulsive behaviour too frequently land her in avoidable unpleasantness.To be fair, Josephine can be plum hard on herself, and her ability at and willingness for self-scrutiny develops as she matures. It is testament to Marchettas care in balancing the complexities of Josephines character that the reader can witness her tantrums and drama-queen turns, her often thoughtless and selfish actions, and yet know that this is an essential expound of her emancipation, and that it does not detract from her vitality, compassion and intelligence.Young Australian readers will find the setting of the novel precise realistic and familiar. They will identify with the portrayal of Australian high school life, attending a debating meeting, the interpretation of suburban Sydney and catching the ferry to Circ ular Quay, the fact of being part of a dysfunctional family ? all in all these details of the setting are realistic and will be instantly recognisable. Many teenagers of foreign phone line will relate to Josies rebellion against her Italian side and to all the references to the Italian culture.

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Customer Service Plan Essay Example for Free

Customer Service Plan EssayCustomer service and commitment to our guests has been the driving stuff behind our brand. Widget strive to get it right first time, everytime.Incases where things dont come break through right we believe our professional workers lead strive to correct the problem and our customers have the right to receive what level of service they can expect from us either the time even in these times when we fall short of the very high standards we have set ourselves. Through our Vision and mission literary argument we make a commitment to our customers both internal and external. Mission StatementPassionate about majestic the livery of our customers service expectations by providing the very best in professional, value engineered widgets through our ever exploitation nationwide team of professional, caring staff.Vision StatementTo be Australias number one depicted object provider of quality widgets by empowering our staff to deliver our customers with t he very best in quality, value and service.Our intersection point standardsOur w be is manufactured in strict accordance with the Australian quality standards and also taking into business relationship the use of which our customers will subject our product. Our internal policies and quality standards support the high quality standards set in our vision and mission statement.Our product specifications ar clearly presented in all our packaging materials and tested during the return process to ensure all tolerance limits ar adhered to. Our main product is 12 mm unforgivingened hole plugs which atomic number 18 made of plastic to cover ,conseal and decorate 12 mm diameter holes in cabinets,furniture,window frames,vinyl fences and elsewhere.Fits some(prenominal) 12mm diameter holes. These hole cover widgets practically work anywhere indoors and out .These are made from our factory with high impact injection moldedplastic. These can come from different sizings as requested by our customers. All our products have a small tolelance limit of +1% or -1%.Specifications.Our product range will have the following features.Colorit will come in the range of black ,white or greyFits hole size 12mm or as requested by customer diam12 mmLength 6mmTop diameter15 mmMaterialPolypropylene.Tolelance limit positively charged or minus 1%Widgets outlines its description of its product in the policy and communicated to the customer to allow the customer to make any queries or complaints incase the product received its off specification.PricingWidget ensures that its products are properly outlayd so that customers are able to afford the goods as well as profitability is maintained to allow the company invest in the quality and standards initiatives of the products. Widgets pricing is well thought as we do in other sectors of the business like marketing and branding, the price the customer sees on display is the price customers pay. There are no hidden costs. Our standard prod uct 12 mm fits hole size will cost 12AUD /dozen and customers are requested to enquire from the customer service team for prices of any changes requested to the standard product. preservation of goodsWidgets aim to deliver all pitch of magnitudes made either online or brass to face within three days of the order being made.We aim to have a speech process whichensures a reliable, secure and efficient service. If delays occur during deliveries and extra time may be required, customers will be conform toed urgently to alert them of the next sales talk times or else they can call our freight department directly on 1300 880 370. One day prior to your delivery we will SMS all of the weighty delivery information about your order to your mobile. If all the information is correct you will only if exact to text back OK. If at that place are any details that are not correct or you wish to change your delivery date please ring us on 1300 880 370. In order to offer our customers a bett er delivery service these terms and conditions replace any delivery and pick-me-up conditions stated on your order form.TERMS CONDITIONS1. It is important that someone is at the receaving end to receive delivery of your purchase on the designated day. No specific time of delivery can be provided. A foursome hour time frame will be advised but cannot be guaranteed.2. A token(prenominal) delivery fee of $75 (outside the Metropolitan area) is payable separately to the Carrier in cash or bank tab. Delivery is free inside the Metropolitan area3. Cash or bank cheque must be used to pay any balance of monies owing at time of delivery. ain/Company cheques will NOT be accepted. For your convenience we can accept credit cards in store 48 hours prior to delivery, surcharges may apply.4. at once arrangement for a delivery day is confirmed, there will be a minimum re-delivery charge of $75 if no person is at the delivery address on the day of delivery or the delivery is turned by the cus tomer on day of delivery.5. When receiving goods, please inspect thoroughly before signing Received in good order as any claims for scratches, marks, dents or other damages will not be accepted at one time signed.6. Failure to collect or take delivery of the goods beyond 21 days from the date of contact by our despatch department will result in the sales order being cancelled and all monies paid will be forfeited. 7. All original packing wrapping will be left at the premises (delivery address).CUSTOMER PICK UPSCustomer collection of goods purchased from Widgets stores can also becollected by the customer in any of our distribution centres.. The customer must contact the Delivery department prior to pick up on 1300 880 370 to make an appointment. Same day pickup is not available.Pickup times at Distribution CentersCustomersMonday to Thursday 1000am 1230pm 130pm 300pmCarriersFriday solitary(prenominal)Other Policies and ProceduresCustomer askWidget believes that it is important that customers needs are regularly reviewd to ensure that its products are inline with the changing times. Therefore time and again Widget carries out interrogation to identify these needs and tool changes identified. Widget uses the RATER model to identify its customers needs since customers when assessing what they want will consider the reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness as they are being assisted. Using the RATER guide Widget will use the following techniques to gather customer needsInformal face to face discussions for its key customersTelephone interviewsEmail surveysSuggestion boxesInternet surveys.All information gathered for customers is protected by the Privacy act 1988 including how the information is collected,used and disclosed,its accuracy and how securely it is kept and popular rights to access that information. Widget has a dedicated Customer service research officer who is responsible for ensuring that all customer data collected is se curely kept and used forits intended purpose only.Complaints and feedbackIf you have a complaint or if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.Widget values feedback and jimmy the opportunity to follow up. Widget deals with all people from diversi background and does not discriminate anyone on the land of age ,race,disability or sex. Our policy take into account the Age discrimination act 2004,Australian Human Rights fit Act 1986,Disability Discrimination ACT 1992,Racial discrimination Act 1975 and Sex Discrimination Act 1984.There are a number of ways you can contact us to lodge your complain and includes ourEmail at Widget123.gmail.com or phone at 08100300 or mail at Widget Australia,3/77 Manning street ,Bentley ,6102.Or you can also connect with us via Twitter or facebookComplain resolution process and timeframesOnce we receive your complaints, we may ask you to provide supporting or documentation to aid us in investigations. This may include proof of identi ty, statutory declaration, receipts and so on. We aim to resolve complaints within 5 working days, however please note that some complaints may take longer to investigate specially matters to do with international orders.Managing records and data.Widgets collects alot of data of customers including physical addresses, names,date of birth and many more information. The Customer service research officer is responsible for keeping the data securely and is sorted by our secure information engineering science section. The Privacy Act 1988(the Act)governs the agreements and responsibilities of companies in relation to the management of official records. Under this Act, each company has an obligation to maintain official records in its custody in good order and condition. This obligation applies not only to the capture, storage, maintenance and disposal of physical records, but also to records in electronic format. Widget policy is governed by this act and all measures necessary are tak en to ensure that compliance is maintained.