Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Importance of Self-image in Hamlet Essay examples -- GCSE English

The Importance of Self-image in juncture Self-image plays a big role in how people act. Hamlets inability to know himself or to understand his own motives bears to the restless battles between beneficial and wrong in his conscience, which is the reason for his unpredictable tragic actions, and behaviors. Hamlets confusedness is clearly shown in his soliloquies. His confused mind can be illogical into five categories. Hamlet suffers from his own moral standards, the desperate need to desire the truth, lack of confidence and trust in his own impulses, self-hatred, and melancholy. Each of these categories tin to Hamlets troubled mind. Hamlet based a parcel of his actions on his religious moral standards. Although Hamlet had high morals, he as yet had many impulses that were against his moral standards that he wanted to carry out much(prenominal) as the murder of his father and his thoughts on suicide. His canon gainst self-slaughter O God, God, how weary, stale, flat, and u seless seem to me all the uses of this world (I, ii, 36-138) Hamlet is saying that if it wasnt against his religion to relegate suicide, he would do it. In his fourth soliloquy, Hamlet says, Thus, conscience does check coward of us all. (III, i, 91) Hamlet blames his inability to act out his impulses on these moral standards that have been ingrained into his conscience. He finds the restrictions in his world unbearable because it is throttle within religious and social class barriers. As a recent man, Hamlets mind is full of many questions about the events that occur during his complicated life. This leads to the abutting two categories of his mind. His need to seek the truth and his lack of confidence in his own impulses. Hamlets confusion in what he wants to ... ...tude of the medieval men in his time. He thinks a lot, considers his motivations and finds evidence for his fathers deed before he executes his actions. This is wherefore Hamlet couldnt understand himself, his c haracter differs from the typical man of his propagation and therefore his motives will be different too. Hamlet lost his confidence and therefore couldnt decide on whether to act or not since he lost his understanding of himself. So therefore, a little rot in Hamlets world, mixed with his characteristics that just werent right his time lead him to his tragic end as a leave behind of his actions and inactions. In conclusion, confidence in ourselves can lead us to do great and reasonable things. Losing that self-assurance will lead us to force indecisive and weak individuals. This corruption of character can ultimately lead to a tragic decline in our ideal world.

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