Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Analysis - Rockin Beats is a music store which has two branches :: Business and Management Studies:

Analysis - Rockin crush is a music depot which has two branches located in the linked Arab Emirates. unity branch is located in Sharjah and the other in Dubai.AnalysisRockin beat generation is a music store which has two branches located in theUnited Arab Emirates. One branch is located in Sharjah and the otherin Dubai. The Rockin Beats store in Dubai offers Latest titles in pop, rock and dance The expanding accrual offers over 1000 CDs including live versions CDs are digitally re-mastered for the best estimable Reasonable prices and special offersRockin Beats has a total staff of 19 who are constantly working toprovide the best assistance. The staff of 19 consists of 6 shopassistants, 1 sales manger, 3 sales staff, 1 accountant and 1assistant accountant, 1 sound engineer, 1 buy manager, 3 bankrupts, 1 storekeeper, 1 secretary and the chairman Mr Jason Smith.Current ashesIn distinguish to investigate the problem with the current arranging on that point hadto be some r esearch done, which involved interviewing the chairman, MrSmith and the customers.Mr Smith, aged 42 has lot of experience in the trade and is constantlytrying to stick the store much profitable. His main concern seems to bethe inefficiency of the system as its a manual system. In target toincrease the efficiency, the current system will have to be automated.At pre direct, shop assistants are concentrating more on there manualwork rather than giving eon for customers. An automated system willcreate friendly customer service and increase the efficiency there bymaking Rockin Beats a more profitable organisation.In the current system, when a CD arrives to the store the name of theCD, album name and price are noted bundle on a sheet and placed inalphabetical order in a filing cabinet, which is placed in the store.When a customer buys a CD, an invoice with the price and album ID,handwritten by the cashier is given to the customer. After the cashierhas about ten invoices, the invoice s are sent through a shop assistantto the accounts department which takes about 10 minutes. An accountantsearches for the sales file in the filing cabinet and writes down pat(p) thesold CDs and places the file back in the sales cabinet. The invoicesare consequently passed on to the store keeper who ticks off the CDs sold onthe declivity control file and then removes the CDs from the filingcabinet in the store. Copies of the invoices are stored in anotherfiling cabinet in alphabetical order of the album name.

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