Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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When baronet snaps a picture of homing pigeon dancing with a tumesce dancer at a stag party, it gets photocopied and soon all of Springfield has a copy. Homer becomes the talk of the town but almost ruins his marriage to oleo. Marge insists in making Homer take Bart to meet the bellydancer so he can learn that women arent sex objects, because she fears hes getting a bad lesson go forth of all of this.Homer and Principle Skinner send Bart to France in exchange for an Albanian student for the Student Exchange Program. Bart soon learns this tour isnt all its cracked up to be, he is forced to live with two slave-driving French winemakers at the Chateau Maison vineyard. While Bart slaves away, the Albanian student student Adil Hoxha steals classify secrets from the Nuclear Power Plant and sends them to his country. The police soon finds him and ends him back to his own country. Meanwhile, Bart finds out they are putting anti-freeze in the wine and escapes his tormentors vineyard, ma naging to speak comely French to tell the authorities and become a national hero.Homer buys Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, so she starts takin bowling lessons with a French bowling instructor. As her game improves, Marge and Jacques spend more and more time together until taheyre spending every night together bowling. Homer tells Marge his feelings and reminds her of her loyalty to the family and she comes back.Homer and Marge go on a romatic dinner and leave Bart, Lisa, and Maggie with Ms. Botz, who the kids recognize from the show "Armed & Dangerous" as the notorious Babysitter Bandit Lisa runs toward the phone to call the Armed & Dangerous hotline when Ms. Botz cuts the phone line. She quickly ties up Bart and Lisa and goes rummaging through the house, grabbing things that tickle her fancy. Bart and Lisas only hope is Maggie who crawled out of her crib and untied them. Marge being the worrying mother she is calls but of course, gets no answer so she decides she wants to go hearthstone and check up on the kids.

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