Friday, May 3, 2019

Leadership Analysis Paper (Ray Kroc,Mcdonalds Founder) Essay

Leadership digest Paper (Ray Kroc,Mcdonalds Founder) - Essay ExampleHe ensured the growth and consistency of production in the company. Notably, McDonalds is the worlds largest stove of restaurants base in San Bernardino, California with its first restaurant starting in 1955. The company continued to open otherwise restaurants all over the world where it sells the same brand and quality of the worlds favorite foods, which accept Fries and Chicken, Big Mac sandwich, and Nuggets. Today, McDonalds is the worlds leading foodservice retailer. The leading case of Ray Kroc relates to me since I also worked for McDonalds and I could use his leadership style in my position. Abstract Leadership is one of the dominant aspects in modern disembodied spirit. There are different forms and levels of leadership and thus it is not easy to watch leadership. However, leadership involves the ability to establish a long-term policy and influencing others towards the realization of that policy (Be nnis, 2009, p.1-8). Leadership requires leadership skills which are either taught or acquired and may have formal powers to exercise their mandate. Notably, leadership is very problematic in any organization and the leaders have unique responsibilities over their followers (Bennis, 2009, 147-149). This paper willing analyze the leadership practices of Ray Kroc who was the founder of the McDonalds. In doing this, the paper will rely on theories cover in this course. Chapter 1 Introduction Ray Kroc was an American entrepreneur whose name is very dominant in the restaurants industry because he was synonymous in propelling McDonalds to international success where it is now the worlds largest chain of restaurants. Ray Kroc was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on October 5, 1902 (Mattern, 2011). Ray Kroc grew and spent the greater part of his life in Oak Park, Illinois. He dropped out of school at an early age 15 historic period to become a Red Cross ambulance driver in World fight I by a nd by lying about his age to become an ambulance driver at 15 (Mattern, 2011). After the World War 1, Kroc tried various career options, which included selling paper cups, plying piano, and being a DJ on a local Oak Park radio station (Mattern, 2011). At 20 years of age, Kroc got married. He started selling cups during the day for Tulip Cup Company in 1922 and plays the piano on the radio at night. He worked as a sales representative for 17 years where he rose to become the Tulips Midwest sales manager (Mattern, 2011). In this position, Kroc acquired the exclusive rights to a new milkshake cable car that could do work five milkshakes at once and promoted it across the United States (Mattern, 2011). He got big orders for the new milkshake machine and because of the savings he got from the sales, Kroc approached the McDonald brothers to start a number of restaurants. As a result, he opened twain restaurants in Illinois when he was fifty-two years old (Mattern, 2011). He consequentl y bought the McDonald

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