Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fortuna Shoes Factory

The 40,000-sqft facility is located in Fortuna park, Kunia, Gazipur, Bangladesh. The company is setup as a 100% export oriented company. It will serve both the export and the ever-growing domestic market. Fortuna has already capable retail outlets with trendy designs in Gulshan, Gazipur, Badda, Dhanmondi, Raifles squ be, Rappa and Sylhet to sell shoes, Leather bags and accessories under its ingest brand Fortuna. We nominate our our own leather tannery that squeeze out produce varies types of lather and support the factory. By October 2010, we will corroborate our own poke set factory for the cutting section. By October 2010, we will open our last manufacturing factory with Chinese reciprocal venture. We will have the first last factory in Bangladesh. Our Technicians will be from China. This will see to it timely sample making and accurate shape of the shoe. Currently Bangladesh can make only wooden last or have to import plastic lasts from China and India which takes many a( prenominal) days. By October 2010 we will have all over 60 different designs from Europe with a capacity to make 4000 outsoles every day.OUR PRODUCTS Shoes (Gents, Ladies, Kids), Bags (Laptop, Executive), Wallets, Belts, make Items (Key Ring, Mobile Holder, Passport Holder, Card Holder, Diary Cover, Band, Cigerate Case, Lagguage Tag ) & Leather Accessories MANUFACTURING CAPACITY Fortuna has established a verbalize of the wile shoe manufacturing plant with a capacity to produce 6000 pairs of shoes per day currently. We also have a leather bag and crafts factory that can product about 300-500 bags and wallets a day at heart the same facility.We can use leather, canvas and other types of materials. PRODUCTION TEAM We have 7 Chinese technicians working at the factory for the production. We have a total of our factory manager Mr. Li has over 16 years of experience in shoe marketing. For each section we have a Chinese technician overlooking the production and to ensure quality. In t otal we have 7 and there are many more who are going to join us once the expansion is complete. SAMPLE ROOM & trope We have our design team consisting of an American fashion designer and three Chinese pattern makers.With over 10 years of experience in design and pattern, we ensure accurate and proper samples for both sample distribution making and production. We can offer our own collection or you can send us your designs, & patterns which we can make samples. MACHINERY Every stage of the production of the leather goods are carried out using state of the art machines that have been brought from Span, Italy and China. In the following page, you will see a list of the machinery that we currently have and are bringing. Fortuna Shoes Ltd www. fortunabd. com

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