Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Realism, Fantasy & Utopia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Realism, Fantasy & Utopia - Essay ExampleTruth and universe can be further defined by looking at the theories of how they are experienced has been examined in philosophical terms. Finally, seeing reality as it is reflected by art forms helps to define the way in which the genius of truth and reality are created, transformed, and then recreated. Truth and reality, because they are defined by absolutes, are a myth in which societies form beliefs in order to frame and explain their world.Reality is defined by the perception of the individualist, even though it is often collaboratively linked within cultures, communities, and the greater society. In the end, one psyches reality is not the same as anothers because truth is defined by experience, not by a sense of mutually defined realness. Truth and reality are shut in by the nature of experience within the individual, and while they may have some commonality through with(predicate) cultural similarities, in the end, a reality is c onfined within an individual, the truths of life developed though understandings adjoin experience that accumulate into a series of definitions. Foucault said of truth that each society has its regime of truth. However, the individuals truth is based upon his position in life and less intrinsically linked to his take aim of intellectuality (208). Therefore, the question of how to define truth as it relates to the ideology of a society becomes a complexity that frames well-disposed construction, but is dependent upon the interpretation of individuals through their relating experiences.Foucault also linked truth to power, that power supports the promotion of truths so that belief can be created and framed as truth (208). An example of this can be seen through looking at the work of Galileo who determined that the Earth revolved round the sun, rather than the sun revolving around the Earth. However, because of the religious power of the

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