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Prison Life Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Prison Life - Research Paper ExampleThis paper looks into the goals and conditions of prisons in USA and rehabilitation of prisoners. Background The main principles that guide criminal rightfulness include retribution, deterrence, incapacitation and rehabilitation. People focalise on any of the rules depending on what suits them in their life whilst legal experts and legislators favor the ideas depending on the political or economic situation (Whitney, 2009). Retribution deals with dispensing rewards or punishments to individuals, whilst rehabilitation aims to restore an individuals worth and purpose in the society through training or counseling. Incapacitation leads to deprivation of freedom in offenders upon removal from society. It also deals with civil rights. Finally, deterrence seeks to minimize criminal acts by emphasizing on the restoration of appropriate behavior. Nowadays, the law also focuses on the constitutional rights and rehabilitation of prisoners with renewed in terest following the case of Pell v Pronunier. In this case, it was held that journalists could interview prisoners whilst also ensuring that the rights of prisoners were not in conflict with the operations of prisons. Nevertheless, there ar limits to prisoners rights in combat-ready in community based rehabilitation programs. With education, a prominent issue in prisoner rehabilitation, the federal Bureau of Prisons requires prisoners to attain at least twelfth grade education level (Whitney, 2009). The high analphabetism rates in prisons hinder reintegration into the society with the tax payer left to pay for the functioning of prison systems. There was ratification of the Functional Literacy for State and Local Prisoners Program in 1992, aimed at reducing recidivism and ameliorate rehabilitation of prisoners. Prisons Both federal and State prisons are classified into either supreme, medium or lower limit. former(a) high security prisons that go beyond maximum security are th e super- max prisons, which deal with the just about violent offenders. However, this classification is less prevalent today with some medium security prisons holding maximum security inmates (Clear, Reisig & Cole, 2012). Maximum security Prison are meant to avert prisoners escape or violence, they are surrounded by high security walls. Because of the nature of inmates, the prisons follow strict protocols similar to phalanx services. Medium security prisons look like maximum security prison. However, they operate differently, with prisoners allowed communication with the outside world. Lastly, the minimum security prisons allow prisoners greater access to the outside world than the others and lack vigorous security measures. Taxpayers in the US fund prison systems mostly cater for medical and other utility bills. Nevertheless, private individuals whitethorn be contracted to provide services like vocational training, food, medical, and education provisions. Prisons may be co owned between the government and private individuals, or owned by the government but administered by the private sector or owned by private individuals but administered by the government upon cost of a lease agreement. Purpose and Conditions of Prisons Prisons are primarily aimed at punishing offenders for acts considered wrong in the society. Offenders are either detained or arrested upon breaking the law and then later presented before a court for the end of their case. Judges determine the case depending on the arguments and

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