Friday, October 18, 2019

Justification Report Memorandum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Justification Report Memorandum - Essay Example The results of the survey proved to be increasingly enlightening. We had known that the problem existed, however we had no idea that it was so acute. We received 56 complaints out of the average 90 families we served in our restaurant last week only. The customers were questioned about the quality of food, the type of service, overall experience and cleanliness at the restaurant. The problems most concerning our customers are best represented by the graph below through the information collected by the survey. As we had predicted, our quality of service was rated as the worst amongst the four factors. As the graph shows, our second most frequent complain was about the lack of uniqueness in the environment in our restaurant while our food quality and cleanliness factors have been rated top notch by most customers. Some serious remedial steps need to be taken to avoid further loss of customers and taint the image of the restaurant forever. This report presents why customer service is such an important factor for a top-of-line restaurant like ours and what steps can be taken to remedy, and even enhance the restaurant's image and performance. These days creating a dining experience for the customers making them come back for more means a lot more than just great food and attentive table service (Kharasch, 2007). Hiring an interior decorator to improve on the ambience makes a lot of sense especially when customers complain about ambience second most frequently. Improving the environment of the restaurant and creating a memorable experience for the customers will definitely help to compensate for the occasional sluggishness in quality of food and service. People would want to spend more time in the restaurant thus any time delays to deliver food or bills won't even register to the customer's minds. Also more time the customer stays in the restaurant, more likely the chances that more orders will be made. (Rainsford and Bangs, 2000) Technical Feasibility No technicalities involved Economic Feasibility High cost for interior decoration Operational Feasibility No operational difficulties Alternative 2 The restaurant currently has a staff of more than 26 employees of which 18 are always on duty. The daily average customer inflow is approximately 110 while on weekends the average is around 180 when all 26 employees are required on duty. There seem to be enough servers even in the peak hours however the customers have to wait a long time. Hiring additional staff seems to be a likely option for the restaurant. With more chefs on hand, the food can be prepared much quicker and more servers can deliver the food to the customers quicker. Part time hiring of 2 chefs and 3 servers for weekdays and 5 chefs and 10 servers for weekends will most-likely solve the issue at hand. Part time employment will be beneficial for the restaurant for its lower cost and for the employees as well due to its flexible nature. (Rainsford and Bangs, 2000) Technical Feasibility Quality dispersion Economic Feasibility High costs for hiring and training new employees Operational Feasibility Too many cooks spoil the broth Alternative 3 Mechanization is being used in most of the industries nowadays. In fact now the world is moving towards incorporating information

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