Saturday, October 19, 2019

Consequences and Implications of Afghanistan Assisting Baluch Research Paper

Consequences and Implications of Afghanistan Assisting Baluch Seperatists - Research Paper Example Still, there are multiple issues between the two countries, like Durand Line, the present war in Afghanistan, Taliban, the legacy of Soviet invasions and the issues pertaining to Baluchistan and Pashtunistan, which are impacting the relationships between the two nations. Pakistan has time and again objected to assistance being extended by Afghanistan to the Baluch separatists. It goes without saying that if the perception regarding the Afghan assistance to Baluch separatists continues to exist; this could have multiple consequences for the already unstable state of Afghanistan. Afghanistan shares multiple historical and economic continuities and discontinuities with Pakistan in a long term perspective. Existing Issues between Pakistan and Afghanistan The Durand Line established in 1893 as per an agreement between the British India and Amir Abdur Rahman Khan is a bone of contention between Pakistan and Afghanistan (Banuazizi & Weiner 6). Pakistan inherited the demarcation of the spher e of influence by the Durand Line, after its partition from India in 1947. As per the Afghan government, it still refuses to accept the Durand Line as a true arbitrator of the sphere of influence between the two nations (Roberts 168). ... There does not lay any formal agreement for the ratification of the Durand Line between the two countries (Burki 198). The relations between the two Islamic nations continue to be strained because it is a firm belief of the Afghan authorities that Pakistan tends to exert a negative influence on Afghanistan (Campbell 65). Afghanistan has time and again blamed the Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of meddling in the internal affairs of Afghanistan by supporting and arming the Taliban and other militant groups (Crews & Tarzi 69). Pakistan has continually denied these allegations by offering the excuse that the Pak military and intelligence has never tried to destabilize Afghanistan and it is primarily the non-state actors in Pakistan that support and arm the militant groups operating in Afghanistan. With the augmenting support of the United States regarding an Afghan led invasion of the militant tribes on the Pak-Afghan borders, the relationships between th e two nations have further got strained. Afghanistan plays an important strategic role as far as the Pakistani strategy in response to any future conflict with India is concerned (Baxter & Kennedy 54). It is a firm belief of the Pakistani strategists that in the event of a war with India, it would be pragmatic to shift the Pakistani supply lines in Afghanistan, so as to prepare for a counter offensive against India. Many Pakistanis support these envisaged strategic ties considering the religious, cultural, historical, linguistic and ethnic bonds between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan has continued to exercise an important role in the regime shifts in Afghanistan in the past. Pakistan supported the Mujahedeen offensive against the Russians, the internal

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