Friday, October 4, 2019

Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Final - Essay Example There is, therefore, a looming moral dilemma for subscribers of this faith. However, in regard to objective philosophy, knowledge of the external world relies on perception. Perception is, however, dependent on the state of the human mind. All the theories of knowledge proposed over the centuries fall short because of factors such as the controversy of the relationship between appearance and reality. In examining the theories of realism and idealism, philosophers encounter issues such as illusion, hallucinations and dreams all of which point to the state of mind. For dreams, the problem is more so complicated if the dream is not lucid. The largest influence of this film is the exploration of the subconscious through dreams. The Freudian slip is a situation whereby an individual makes far fetched, irrelevant or presumably abnormal statements. Others will assume this is due to confusion or distraction, but Freud will look at this as a channel the subconscious is using to assert its rea l desires and feelings. In the same way, dreams can perform this same function, but the revelation is for the individual (Burger 40). On the other hand, this film is proposing the possibility of accessing these revelations. Some of the ideas in this theory hold that humans are constantly fighting. This struggle is primarily between the superego and human instinct. In following the norms of society, the human race suppresses its natural instincts. Therefore, the perceived actions of an individual, according to Marcuse will not reflect the true self hence the existence of subconscious where the true self delves in the form of secrets and memories. Marcuse may applaud the use of this idea by the film maker to a large extent (Cobb 88). In describing how he extracts ideas, Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie says â€Å"...create the world of the dream,† this refers to the physical setting which the dream thief structured. After that â€Å"...bring the subject into that dream, and they fill it with their secrets.† Again, the dream maker utilises the shortcomings of perception, in this case using familiarity to trick the mind of the dreamers (Botz-Bornstein 20). Marcuse, an advocator of an unsuppressed human race, where humans do as their subconscious perceives will marvel at this idea by film director Nolan. Marcuse supports Freud on the idea that individuals sacrifice happiness to avoid guilt. This is because their true feelings are dark, shaming and undesirable (Cobb 89). However, these restrictions also restrict the true potential of humans. Examining the subconscious prior to undertaking its desired actions is a convenient way to edit the supposed harm. Marcuse will not agree with the idea of tampering with the subconscious because private thoughts make people different and above all human. In my view scientists cannot investigate dreams objectively seeing as dreams are subject to an individual’s thoughts, desires, motivations and experiences. Ho wever, the advancements made in science over the past centuries are remarkable, and things thought impossible in the pats are now a norm. An excellent example is the life support machine, walking on the moon, genetic manipulation and robotics. One cannot out rightly rule out the possibility of such a technology existing even in the unfathomed future. The question of whether the film â€Å"Inception† has some philosophical grounding remains undoubted. One of the

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