Sunday, October 6, 2019

Evidence-Based Practice among Hospital Nurses Term Paper

Evidence-Based Practice among Hospital Nurses - Term Paper Example In this light, the healthcare leader was categorical that the final decision arrived at must be premised on available data and the rightful conviction that the decision made will elicit the most optimal patient outcome. The healthcare leader was also very categorical that the foregoing differentiates EBP from research-based practice (RBP). This is the case since, unlike EBP; RBP is a scientific method which involves the collection and analyzing traditional practices that are sustained within standards of care.   The import of this is that in RBP, the care being advanced towards the patient has to have been identified as the most effective. This identification is normally carried out by comparing available research with and the established methods. The results available are thus to change the delivery of care, upon the changes having been deemed medically appropriate. Also, the changes that are being made must have been proven to have the capacity for improved outcome. During the in teraction with the healthcare leader, it became very palpable that he felt strongly about the topic. The strong conviction that the health care leader harbors are pegged on the belief that evidence-based research study will pave way for more efficient and productive services delivery in a medical institution and the healthcare sector in general. This is mainly because, according to him, an evidence-based research study is likely to herald certain values. Particularly, employing the use of evidence-based research studies in healthcare puts focus on health care and scientific literature. All this consideration of medical and scientific literature is underpinned by the need to improve: treatment modalities such as appropriate medical technology; safety and quality (including prevention of accidents, errors, and infections); and exercises (as a way of encouraging rehabilitation and exertion).

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