Friday, April 19, 2019

Quantum Computing the Future Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Quantum Computing the Future - Research penning ExampleThis paper presents a detailed analysis of quantum calculator science. Quantum computing is a significant ara of current research aimed at establishing computer related tools and machines based on the rules and regulations of quantum speculation In this scenario, the quantum theory turn uplines the environs and performance of material and energy on the quantum, both at the atomic and subatomic take. . In addition, the quantum computing is not a new idea since it was first emerged in the 1970s. Moreover, the quantum computing is basically based on the ideas of quantum physics. For instance, it utilizes the properties of atoms offered by definite quantum physics theories to allow them to get together in form of quantum bits, which can be used for computers processing (Stewart, 2011 Pawliw, 2010 Webopedia, 2011). This paper discusses the role of quantum computing, its history and future developments. The basic purpose of th is research is to explain the role and importance of quantum computing in modern day information technology. Introduction The large batch of computing processing capabilities has been produced by high speed processing machines however makers of these machines assimilate not so far been capable to satisfy our desires for speed as well as processing competence. During 1947, American computer engineer Howard Aiken stated that only 6 electronic digital computers would convene the computing requirements of the U.S. Others have vigilant comparable bad forecasts regarding the power of computing power that would facilitate their rising hi-tech requirements of processing capabilities (Bonsor & Strickland, 2000), (Spector, 2007) and (Spector, Quantum computing, 2008). Additionally, the developments have evolved since individuals found novel methods of utilize a variety of substantial resources like that forces, supplies as well as energies. In this scenario, the narration of computer and information processing technology has engaged a series of transformations of sensible comprehension from mechanism to regulators to transistors to ICs and much more(prenominal). Additionally, nowadays superior lithographic methodologies are able to compress flock of micron, broad logic gates as well as wires onto the exterior of silicon technology chips. In addition, quickly they will produce even lesser portions as well as certainly stupefy at a level where logic gates are very short sized that they are created out of simply a small number of atoms (Bakir, 2011), (Franklin & Chong, 2004) and (Hughes & Williams, 2000). Furthermore, while working at atomic level that follows the policies of quantum mechanics is fairly dissimilar from the traditional policies that decide the characteristics of traditional logic gates. Consequently, if computers are to turn out to be smaller in the upcoming period, quantum technologies have to put back or add-up with what we are using at present. Here, the main idea is that the quantum technology is able to present a great deal more than cramming increasingly bits to silicon chip as well as increasing the clock-speed of computer technology microprocessors. Moreover, it is as well able to help in latest type of calculations by providing qualitatively novel algorithms foundational upon quantum theory based standards (Bakir, 2011), (Franklin & Chong, 2004) and (Hughes & Williams, 2000). This paper presents a detailed overview of quantum computing. This research will cover the historical background of quantum comput

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