Monday, April 29, 2019

Anthropological Survey of Grand Canyon University Essay

Anthropological Survey of gibibyte canyon University - attempt ExampleIt further elaborates that the idea may have come during the early 1920s, from students and faculty of a failed Baptist college in New Mexico. Grand Canyon University still employs a Christian based gentility, as the original founders intended.Grand Canyon University prepares learners to become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible leaders by providing an academically challenging, values-based course of instruction from the context of our Christian heritage. (Mission, Vision, Philosophy.). Globalization is a move from local cultures only to linking isolated communities of people and levels of education, expanding them crossways regions and continents or in other words, removing boundaries from our institution. Globalization in this sense can reduce the deficiencies of third world countries or just people with less financial resources by the offering technological advances and with available development on Christianity without leaving home.The below four statements are my brief interpretation of the four pillars. Grand Canyon University builds on its reputation with Academic Advancement by stretching intellectual capacity and gaining vital intimacy and using critical thinking skills. Second, it employs Christian Camaraderie by encouraging new friends who become womb-to-tomb brothers and sisters in Christ and then participate with them by serving fellow students and the surrounding community. Third, with Extracurricular righteousness it offers both intramural as well as intercollegiate sports opportunities. Finally, the fourth pillar is Wellness & benefit in using the fitness center, tennis and basketball courts, as well as, a health plow center that gives nursing and athletic training majors a place to develop their care-giving skills. (Four Pillars, n.d.)My spiritual values, ethics, and traditions. I am Baptist, compassionate, fun, honest, and trustworthy. Being Baptist means adhering to the Baptist Faith Based Message which can be found at any Baptist church and also online the Internet. My practice of faith is taken only from the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments of the holy Bible. I believe that the scriptures are to be read as is and not changed. I believe in the holy trinity of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I believe it is important to accept Christ, to be sanctified by His Spirit, so that I will never fall away from the state of bedeck. that if I fall into sin through neglect and temptation - human attributes, repentance is salvation of grace by the power of God through faith. The Baptist also believes in missionary efforts and evangelism. Christianity is the faith of enlightenment and intelligence. An education for any Christian should balance between academic freedom and academic responsibility. The freedom of a teacher in a Christian school, college, or seminary is limited by the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ, by the authoritative record of the Scriptures, and by the distinct purpose for which the school exists. ConclusionI find myself often in talk with other students that are ethnically and geographically diverse from me. The conversations or debates are often enlightening because I find that there are more than one

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