Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Greenlea Residential Care Home Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Greenlea Residential Care Home - Essay ExampleMrs. Marchant is of the opinion that acquiring such reports is now becoming more(prenominal) and more bureaucratic. Her profits pee been falling slightly during the last some years and this is becoming a cause of concern for her. Mrs. Merchant is now considering expanding the Care House by building an source. This extension will enable her to house double the capacity. Of course, she feels , her staff will also have to be doubled to take care of the increased number of residents. She has acquired an estimate for the building and construction of this extension which amounts to 100,000 pounds. Since her debts are not very high she is seeking limited liability which will allow more financial protection. It will also ensure a greater range of tax concessions. However, she is facing atomic number 53 legal claim. An employee who fell down while assisting a resident and hurt her thumb is seeking compensation. but Mrs. Merchant is of the f irm opinion that she will not pay compensation since there was a conduct lift available and the employee had acted negligently resulting in a breach of regulations. Now she takes time off to go down the necessary accounts to put her plan into action.

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