Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dove case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

dove case - Assignment ExampleTrademark is used by the companies for protecting its injury from others.Unilever wants few of the brands because it requires huge amount of time for developing a brand and make it popular among the mass. A company needs to spend resources and energies for managing its different brands. When a firm has more brands then it can tenderise different types of products and services to its customers which will help the company to generate more profit. For making its brand portfolio wide, Unilever is essay to acquire more brands (Mooij 91). This will facilitate the company to increase its product lines and customer base.In 1950s Dove brand positioned itself in the market by focusing on the benefits and function of its beauty bar. Dove highlighted that unlike other soap the beauty bar of Dove does not make the skin dry. Moisturizing run down is present in the beauty bar of Dove which makes the skin healthy and smooth (Williams 56). From the time of mid-fifti es Dove refused to call its product as soap. The brand wants to create its unique image by this.In 2007, Dove positioned its brand as a lifestyle brand with different types of beauty products. The brands developed an aflame attachment with the customers and created a strong connection with them. Dove launched new products and tries to gather maximum information astir(predicate) its target customers for understanding their attitude towards the brand. Dove positioned its brand in fulfilling the expectation of its customers (Weiser 46).Decentralized structure was followed in Unilever before 2000. The company has many brands operating in different market but selling corresponding category of products. During that time managing different brands throughout the world became difficult for the company. Unilever faced lack of co-ordination among its different merchandise divisions. Brand management was not so effective for the company. Excessive decentralization increased the cost of the company. In 2000 the condition of Unilever was bad in

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