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Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Why I decided to become a nurse. Growing up I always thought I would someday be a nurse. It was a dream that I always had. Knowing that it would be hard for mom and dad to afford, I considered enlisting into the army to get school and training paid for. As high school graduation got closer, I decided to â€Å"take a break† from school. So, I didn't go to college or enlist. When I started running low on funds, I decided to go to training to become a certified nurse's aide (cna). It didn't take long and cna jobs were plentiful in nursing homes. My first job was as a cna in a nursing home. I loved it, but it was hard work. Next, I got a job as a cna at Cabell Huntington Hospital on the med-surg floor. This reaffirmed the notion that I do love that kind of work. Pay was not bad either. At this time I was single so I made plenty enough money for me. I still wasn't ready to commit myself to school. The years passed by and my life began to take shape. I got pregnant with my first daughter, Jasmine in 1999. My son A. J came along in 2000. I decided to marry their daddy in 2001. Our last daughter Kiana was born in October of 2004. I stayed home with my kids for about 7 years but decided I needed to go back to the adult world. My sister talked me into going to massage school and becoming a certified massage therapist. So, I did and got the job that I currently work at with a chiropractor. I love this job also, but I don't think I can do it much longer because it is very hard on my hands and wrists. My sister failed to mention how hard it was to do this kind of work. Being in the chiropractors office also allows me help people. Nursing jobs will probably always be in demand. I don't think there will ever be a day that the world has too many nurses. Today disease is abundant and the need for good nurses is on the rise. The pay is also a plus. I'm not sure if I want to specialize in a particular area of nursing or not. I like all areas. The hustle and bustle of the emergency room is appealing but I also think working the floors in the different units of a hospital would be exciting. Working in a nursing home is also something that I ouldn't mind. I've done it before, so I know how rewarding it can be. I love working with the older population. I go to a local nursing home and give a couple of my patients massages since they can't get out and come to my office any more. I am very thankful for the opportunity I have been given to finally fulfill my dream of becoming a registered nurse. I can't wait to get this new chapter in my life started. I am anxious to get started helping as many people as I can and help pr ovide a better living for my family. Why I Want to Be a Nurse It was on a Monday morning, the 1st day of December, 2010. I had spent two years preparing and saving money for this memorable day. I was going to be my best moment after my wedding day. The whole village where I was born â€Å"Makupa†led by our local chief Mr. Ndoto, my brothers, sisters members of the Clergy both young and old men and women, no wanted to miss that memorable opportunity of escorting me to Jomo Kenyatta international Airport. One would have thought that there was a very important dignitary visiting the country. Dressed in green and red, women danced and sang patriotic songs, children were not left behind, they recited poems, old men who could hardly stand due to their advance age spoke words of blessing, members of the Clergy invoked long prayers, as though they would never pray again. The whole Airport garden came to a stand-still. A gentleman by the name of John Brown join our group and sort to know about our huge crowd and what it was upto. He introduced himself as the Chief Security Manager. Our Chief, Mr Ndoto took over, he was charge as a bull. When he started talking, her was dead silence, a pin would fall and be notice. He gave along chronology of how our village started and how no one had ever excelled in studies, to a point of winning scholarship abroad. To him that was enough reason to bring the whole Village to the Airport Mr. Brown did not have any choice but allow us celebrate our victory. Clock ticked and my departure time drew neigh, I tried to imagine how Lagos international Airport looked like but I could not fathom. How Nigerians have heavy but good accent, I could not wait! An hour before departure time, the Captain announced â€Å"Passengers KQ 374† please board. There was mix reaction, some of us wept tears of joy, others felt I should have stayed bit longer while still others felt like I was going to heaven and I would never come back again. But in all these, Mr. Ndoto comforted them that I would only be away for two years and my studies would benefit the whole community. After hugging and kissing the much awaited moment came and I boarded the plane. It was a real adventure I had not boarded a plane before, therefore I did not know what to expect, but thank God I was ready to lean. My laugage was put in the cock pit only the carry on was allowed inside the cabin. The whole flight was going to take seven hours. It was meal time and there came a beautiful smiling attendant, ready to serve me. Since no body had told me that the meal was paid for, I thought it was very expensive and I could not afford. I declined the offer! She went ahead and offered a drink, which I neither accepted. Not because I was full but fearful. Six and half hour later, the Captain announced that we about to land, every passage to fasten their belt. I did that with grate excitement because I knew finally we were in Lagos Nigeria. The flight was exiting though fierce being the first time to fly. We disembarked I took my laugage and headed to the Immigration office. I knew the the college which I was joining had sent representative and they were waiting for me at the visitors lounge. No sooner had I entered the office than the officer gave me a card to fill in, Question number one was my religion, I happily wrote Christian, The officer thundered to me , and exclaimed. ‘Stop! ’ Don’t go any further†. His accent scared me to death! He went ahead and told me that I was under arrest. I sort an explanation and he said that I was a spy. I could not connect spying and my education. One of the soldiers told me that the northern state of Lagos was a Muslim state and no Christian was allowed in, peradventure one was found, he would be treated as a spy whose penalty was life imprisonment or death penalty. His words made me feel like I wish the ground would open up and swallow me alive. I explained to them how I got a scholarship to their country but all that fell on deaf ears. They gave me two options, either life imprisonment or death sentence. I found myself between a rock and a hard place. None of the options was better than the other. But I chose life imprisonment. They locked me in jail, fortunately the staff from the college arrived. Better late than never. They engage those officers but they held that I was a spy. They realize they were hard nuts to crack and resolved to contact Kenya ambassador . In the prison, I made all kind of prayers repented all known and unknown sins purified my heart in readiness for any eventuality. Two hours later, there was a knock at the door, I was always hoping and expecting a miracle, but I was prepared for the worse. This time the two officers were accompanied by a third person. He introduced himself as the Ambassador of Kenya in Nigeria. I could not wait for a second word, I defied all the decorum and protocol jumped upon his shoulders and wept uncontrollably. He apologized for what had happened and assured me that my scholarship would de transferred to the southern state which was a Christian state. All this time, the immigration officers were speechless. I was ushered out of the cell by our ambassador to a his waiting limousine fly Kenya flag. I thought I was dreaming! He hosted me in his residence until he transferred my scholarship to another college. My morning was turned into dancing. Why I Want to Be a Nurse When I was in high school I was voted most likely to become a Dr.. This wasn’t a big deal except that I went to a Vocational and Technical High School. So I went on to pursue my parents dream to become a Dr. , note it was my parents dream. I just wanted to play baseball and become a nurse. At last there dream fell apart when I got hurt lost my scholarship in my freshman year of college. Funny thing is I could have stayed in school and really concentrate on my sports ops I mean school. My father told me to join the service so I could have the Military pay for school GI bill. After some thought I would no longer be under my father’s thumb and agreed to join the Navy. After taking the ASVAB test the recruiter smiled and asked if I had ever thought of nuclear subs I said no but said I like this 5 year hospital Corpsman thing it sounds good. The next 5 years was awesome I got to play baseball for a Puerto Rican professional team and play competitive softball for the Navy until I hurt my leg again. Now what to do didn’t take long to decide after my father passed away from a massive heart attack a week before my oldest daughter was born. I knew my calling to be a paramedic. This lasted several years but I realized that I could make more money and make my own hours. Now some years later I after some bad health have come back to my High School dream to become a nurse and this time I won’t be called a sissy for wanting to be one! My original reason to be a nurse was I wanted to work in an Emergency Room. From an early age I wanted to be a nurse not a Dr.. I think it was that while in the hospital I found that the nurses were the ones that left the lasting impressions on you. That was the seed. The ability to go to one job and stay there for a long time is a very good thing. In with what the other options in todays economy are. Most places that employ nurses offer good medical coverage. The last but not the least would be the pay. In today’s economy this has to be the number one reason to have brought me back full circle, to my high school days. So today at all most 50 I know that I can start here and then train to be an ER nurse for many years. Maybe even specializing in a pediatric ER unit. Why I Want to Be a Nurse Although my motives for becoming a nurse haven’t always been as set in place as they are now I have always, ever since I can remember, had the idea that this was the profession for me. I am an outgoing person who enjoys working with and helping people. It wasn’t until my father was diagnosed with cancer that I knew that being a nurse is what I wanted to do, to be an advocate to my father and to all the other patients that I would eventually care for.During my first year of study I was kept very busy trying to juggle all of my courses and at the same time taking care of a 4 yr old and a new baby, I was very determine to accomplish my dream to give my family a better life. Once I became a nurse, I was very proud of my accomplishment, even though my father had passed away from cancer, I was doing this for him. The nurses in the hospital taught me so much about care and compassion.They showed me first hand the characteristics of a good nurse and what being a nurse is all ab out. I believe that nursing is a profession that somebody must feel in their heart and truly love. After my experience in the hospital I can honestly say that I am proud to be a nurse and I definitely do feel it in my heart. I am currently working fulltime at Sentara home care as a nursing supervisor. My experience in nursing involved working at Chesapeake General Hospital as an Orthopedic nurse right from nursing school.I realized once I graduated and starting working with the patients that nursing isn’t just doing the task at hand, it involves compassion, sitting at the bedside of a patient that hasn’t had anyone visit them and spending time or just holding their hand. I love nursing and the longer that I am a nurse the more rewarding it is. I chose VCU to further my education because it enables me to continue working as Home care infusion nurse fulltime and taking care of my family. VCU is a reputable school for nursing and I feel that I would get the best education and experience going through your nursing program.

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