Saturday, August 10, 2019

Death Penalty Debate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Death Penalty Debate - Essay Example The main argument in favor of death penalty is the possibility of an innocent person being mistakenly executed. Given the long and rigorous justice process that precedes the conviction of a person beyond a shadow of doubt, the risk of such an incidence is extremely low. There are also arguments that a criminal can still reform and atone. Opponents of death penalty argue that society should not give up on wrongdoers altogether. In my opinion, it is the victim's near and dear ones who can give a fitting answer to this question. I am sure that the parents whose daughter has been raped and killed in cold blood will not forgive the criminal. It is the society's responsibility that they should get justice. Capital punishment is a reflection of the public belief that some crimes so grievously offend humanity as to merit a death punishment (Sharp, 2000). Perhaps this is why it still finds support in many of the world's nations (Wikipedia, 2007 ). It has been proved that convicted criminals freed on parole or probation commit thousands of violent crimes every year, thus endangering the lives and property of many innocents (Sharp, 1997). Therefore, the death penalty saves lives in the long run. It should definitely be given for extreme crimes in order to deliver justice to the victimized as well as to deter future offenders. i) Deterrence - The main advantages of this punishment in this philosophy is that many future crimes either by the

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