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The effect of the Land Mortgage Loan Policy on the Efficiency of Dissertation

The effect of the Land Mortgage Loan Policy on the Efficiency of Chinese Farmers during 2003-2010 - Dissertation Example Setting up of schools, hospitals, emergency services like fire and other within short interval of places so as to provide the amenities to a larger number of people. One of the basic requirements for beginning mordernisation is industrialization. Industrialization triggers the process of mordernisation. With the setting up of industries for the commercial interests of the company, the factory units and the ancillary units would be constructed. Other important public amenity units like schools, houses, hospitals and shops would be built along with connecting roads and developed transport systems. Such building up of infrastructure fastens up the procedure of mordernisation. With globalisation, spread of the multinational companies all over the world, individuals are moving to different corners of the world for varied purposes like working, studying, treatment, settling down in better places and many more. As a result individuals now are more global citizens with presence in different countries. The People’s Republic of China is one of the most popular and highest ranking nation in the world. With the largest land area cover and a mighty population China has rapidly developed over the years to reach to the peak of success. China has been accommodating the largest population in the world; as a result, there has been a huge demand for the land for making houses. In order to restrict this trend, China has tightened its mortgage rule. 1.2: Research Aim Owing to the immense popularity of China, its phenomenal development and the ever increasing demand of land in China, the primary intent of this particular research paper is to find out the effect of land mortgage loan policy on the efficiency of the Chinese Farmers from 2003 to 2010. 1.3: Research Objectives Taking cue from the primary research aim of this paper, a few research objectives has been formulated. The research objectives are not something very different from the decided aims but instead it complemen ts the research aim. The assumed research objectives of this research paper are: To ascertain the significance of Chinese agriculture in last ten years To ascertain the challenges pertaining to the Chinese agriculture system and impact on farmers To analyse the impact and effect of financial support system on Chinese agriculture To ascertain the financial framework in the context of Chinese agriculture 1.4: Research Questions In order to attain the objectives of this research paper, it would be guided by a few questions which are as follows: What is the significance of Chinese Agriculture from the period 2003-2010? What are the challenges of agriculture in China and did they affect the farmers? What is the current financial support system for Chinese agriculture? What is the change and impact of current financial system on the Chinese agriculture? 1.5: Background of the Research In the recent years, the Chinese government has been adopting a number of policies with the aim of improv ing the rural areas and assisting the growth of the rural areas. The People’s Republic of China has been growing at a tremendous rate with its varied achievements in the different sectors. The entire economy of the People’s Republ

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