Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Oz Jet Boating Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Oz Jet Boating - Essay ExampleThe competitive low prices stretched by Oz jet boating attracts many customers because of its affordability. Adults part with $75, children with $45 and whole family move with $195 for a boat tour. The purpose of this research paper is to describe Oz jet boating as a tourism company giving details of the products it offers and in the end conduct a situational analysis of the company. The target consumer group is a young population. Boat tours appeal the young who are adventurous in nature. Social media, advertising agencies and internet are the channels used to advertise Oz jet boating to the world. Oz jet boating offers flexible ways of booking for the tourist tours through the email, earpiece or any outlets located at the nurse. Oz jet boating is a tourist company based in Australia. The products offered are sightseeing activities at the opera house house, Harbour sides, Shark Island, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Taronga zoo. The major tallys in th e tourism industry include Sydney Harbour boat tours, Sydney Harbour and Sydney Harbour cruises. Prestige harbour cruises offer charter boats for hire used in corporate events, weddings and social gatherings (Sydney Harbour, 2014). Sydney Harbour tours are famous for its day guide tours. It also offers fresh pabulum from the sea and beverages at Watsons Hotel. The charges are $129 for adults and $89 for children (Sydney Harbour Boat Tours, 2014). Sydney Harbour Escapes, on the other hand, is a family business started back in 2000 that offers boat go and tour activities (Sydney Harbour Escapes, 2014). Oz jet boating needs to creatively and innovatively offer differentiated and unique products that give it a competitive edge above its rival customers. Proper care ought to be taken in pricing of the products in such manner that it will offer competitive lower prices than rival companies offer but also obtain profits from such prices. The consumer target group should be diversified an d not limited to the young population only. Touring activities should be designed to include activities that will appeal to the ageing population and by thus doing revenue streams will increase. Advertising channels used must reach myriad people so that the public is familiar with the company and its products.

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