Friday, June 21, 2019

Bussiness and Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Bussiness and Ethics - Essay ExampleThe theory of intellectual property advocates specific ways to shape moral character and refine aesthetic works. In education, universal ethical principles are communicated to the student-both through didactic instruction and exemplary action--so that they might be applied in concrete situations. Useful pedagogical tools complicate examples and lessons found in fairy tales, fiction and biography. Although some idealists believe social wisdom (traditions, cultural conventions and so forth) is the repository of moral principles (Vicinus and Eisner 2008).The theoretical work or a work of art is a creative process based on unique skills and knowledge of the author. If the author person uses his ideas, this practice can be defined as a theft. I ethics goodness flows from the proper activity of reason. The morally good act is that which is controlled by the intellect. Knowledge of what is right is aboriginal people cannot do the right unless they know what it is (Posner, 2007). Cooperating with the intellect in the moral venture is the human will. The will is to perform what the intellect judges to be right. In conception of the ethical life, the will is subservient to the intellect. Moral error, then, stems from either ignorance on the part of the intellect or weakness on the part of the will.

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