Thursday, June 20, 2019

Catholic Pro-Life Declaration of Rights for Unborn Babies Essay

Catholic Pro-Life Declaration of Rights for Unborn Babies - Essay ExampleIt cannot be violated and denied by reason nor expediency nor whatever device that hu macrocosm race can invent to tresspass life as the creation was made for life to blossom, so should it remain for as long as the Grace of the Lord permitteth. That when man in its folly tresspasseth such a gift, to deprive those who are yet unborn to grace the field of this earth and to breath, it is now become a transaction of the faithful especially the flock of the Holy Catholic Church with the blessing of the Pope to safeguard such life, to ensure its perpetuity by asserting in all avenues the right of the unborn. This is now necessary for when man is left to its own devices, it subject Gods Will to bring life as his preporagative and gambling god to elect who result be born and who will not. To prove this, let this be facts be known that the faitful may see the Light.Their reasoning brings unwarranted anxiety to the p eople in their assertion that more life will cause poverty, illness and malady which is preposterous. The earth is bountiful to support life and if in that location is such poverty, illness and malady, it is brought by the same folly of man like corruption, incompetence and sheer lack of compassion towards his fellowThat the majority of those who opposes the right of tike to be born, causes unjust vexation to the faithfuls, whose meekness they take advantage of, as they only reiterate the importance of life. That without that reiteration and assertion to life, even them who opposess life will not even be present to make such opposition.Be let it known then, that we the faithfuls, of the Congregation of the Holy Mother Catholic Church, stand in steadfast, to defend those who cannot defend themselves. To not let that right to be born be trampled because they are not yet around to make themselves known. To this end, with the magnanimity of our consumption and with the blessings of t he Holy Catholic

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