Monday, September 23, 2019

Virtual Organisations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Virtual Organisations - Essay Example They have made a huge impact on the world of Internet and the technological manifestations which have come to the fore have stated the need for having virtual organizations in nearly all parts of the world. These are indeed the creative and innovative boutiques which have opened up at different sites and places, helped in hand by the people who want to bring out the very best within their skills and abilities, and thus contribute to the collective good of the society in the long run. The virtual organizations are being given the leverage because these have turned out to be really successful. The virtual space has meant that an online arm exists for the traditional organizations which want to engage the users more and more. They would like to have a comprehensive outlook on the part of the users, readers, customers and the like. This is something that poses an area with immense opportunities from a strategic perspective. The virtual organizations are therefore those organizations whic h are producing the best possible results through hard work and devotion, a fact that has been emphasized upon a great deal by their work ethos, results and the related attachments (Black, 2001). Nearly every organization that exists in this day and age has an online manifestation within the cyber space. These organizations want to send out a message of collective success not only for their own selves but also for the sake of the end consumers. This is something that comes out as a definite positive and one which shall harness the basis of success within the traditional organizations from the long term scheme of things. The virtual organizations are being compared to traditional ones but the most basic difference that comes to reckoning is the fact that the latter have a definitive basis while the virtual organizations are only apparent on the virtual map of the world. These differences are visible through state of the art technological regimes which are widespread in nearly all ave nues of the world (Gressgard, 2011). The virtual organizations are therefore those organizations that are bringing out the best possible results for the technological realms but whether or not these are producing the desired results is something that remains a mystery even to this day. This is because there are certain virtual organizations which are unable to strike big and that too in an easy manner. The need is to weigh the differences between the traditional organizations and the virtual organizations, and then compare the two for finding out the best between them. However the roles of these two are varied in their own respective ways. When it comes to flexibility and freedom, these virtual organizations are the best within such settings. The people behind these virtual organizations enjoy the luxury of working at their own disposal since they do not have to sit at a single location (office place) and thus work to good effect for handling the organizational tasks and routines (A bebe, 2007). What these people do within such virtual organizations is something that must be understood within the proper settings because the virtual organizations are always backed up with people who can do more work per se, and thus commit at completing small tasks and chores, all on their own. The virtual organizations need to be given the leeway at times because these are not really developed in

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