Monday, September 9, 2019

Child Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Child Development - Essay Example Part 2 comprises of chapters three and four. In these two chapters, the beginning of the child’s life is highlighted. Matters to do with parenting, education of the parents, issues to do with psychology of parenting, importance of preparing siblings for the birth, prenatal care and learning, family dynamics, infants with special needs, care for new born etc are discussed. Part three discuses infancy on a broader perspective; three chapters contained in this part will mark the basis of this paper. Chapters five, six, and seven make up part three of the book. This portion of the book discusses aspects of infancy such as physical development of the infant, the relationship of physical and motor development to cognition, emotional and physical development just to name a few. Other topics contained in part three include infant development, emotional and social development of the infant, theories on emotional and social development, social competence and development, factors influen cing social and emotional development in infants, cognitive, language, and literacy development of the infant, cognitive competence and development, factors that influence cognitive, language, and literacy development etc. Chapters eight, nine and ten make up part four. This section of the book highlights the child from ages one to three. Part 5 consists of chapters eleven, twelve and thirteen and highlights an infant from the ages four through five. The last part of the book consists of chapter fourteen through to sixteen. This section of the book highlights an infant’s development from the ages six through eight. This paper will highlight chapters five six seven and eight. Chapter five of this book focuses on Brain, perceptual, motor, and physical development of the infant. The chapter begins with an extensive discussion of the infant’s brain. The unfinished brain of

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