Thursday, July 25, 2019

Media literacy should be taught to boys ages 6-12 to understand the Essay

Media literacy should be taught to boys ages 6-12 to understand the dangers of professional wrestling - Essay Example Since there is no filter available that can discriminate what content suits what age bracket, therefore the impacts can be quite adverse. Media literacy education is very essential because it will help children to discriminate the content on their own and would eventually help them to choose what is feasible for them. The age bracket from six to twelve years is very fragile where a child adapts a lot thus it is very important to assist them and provide them with the basic knowledge so that they do not implement what they see. Thus it is very important to inculcate media literacy amongst young children so that they understand the adverse impacts of professional Wrestling."By its very nature, professional  wrestling promotes violence  as a reason to watch. With all the  brutality in this world  Zillmann and Bryant (1994) argued that audiences, especially  children, seek out arousing entertainment to relieve boredom." (Oppliger, 2004) Firstly professional wrestling has evolved tremendously since it has been given the criteria of a sport. This sport has another very important side to it, which is the entertainment factor it provides. When young children have access to wrestling they not only get enthralled by the entertainment factor but also the stunts done leave a very profound impact on their mind. They develop this wrong approach that they can practice the same stunts at home, school or other places. They do not realize that the stunts performed there are under strict supervision and are a result of intense practice. Without any supervision or practice the young children involve in wrestling activities which can result in serious injuries and damage to health. When children are not educated about the adverse impacts associated with wrestling they will not only damage themselves but others as well. Furthermore it needs to be realized here that children adapt whatever they see. Hence it is very important to educate them about wrestling so that they do n ot implement what they see. Secondly another issue that can arise if young children have access to professional wrestling is that they learn to use abusive language. "any greater degree of violence than is occasioned by blows,  wrestling, and pulling of the hair; and their  abusive language." (Rees, 1905) These matches it has been observed that the wrestlers tend to use such abusive terms which are not suitable for the young minds. Many a times it has been seen that children use the language they learn from these wrestling at home; school etc. and when they are asked from where they learned such language they usually blame wrestling. Children who are belonging to the age bracket of six to ten are at a stage of developing. Their reflexes are becoming sharper and their cognition is developing. During this phase if they start to learn such abusive language that will always have a very drastic impact on their overall upbringing. These words are then used at various instances reflect ing their learning from these wrestling programs. Language is very important when it comes to young children and if they do continue to watch such programs which promote abusive language then the impacts can be quite adverse. Thirdly another major danger that can damage the young minds is the propagation of vulgarity, profanity and female adolescence.These shows have become an emblem of vulgarity. Young children

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