Thursday, July 25, 2019

Business research week 3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business research week 3 - Assignment Example paper would confirm that the organizational innovation that would favor the development of technological innovation capabilities that both of the services including the technological and organizational capabilities meant for the processes and products can lead to some superior performance of a firm (Camisà ³n & Villar-Là ³pez, 2014). The research was financially supported by the research funding especially from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. It also gained some funding from the Conselleria de Education in the coast of Generalitat Valenciana. The paper aimed at progressive examination of the firm in question based on the information technology employed within the firm. The two channels of the innovation help in the application of the major themes and try to explain the interrelationship between the two major factors used in the firm. The paper utilized a case study that had multiple methods and then ended up studying the activities related to the innovation process in the firm. It is quite apparent that different aspects of the IT capability to indeed affect an organization’s ability to influence and innovate several processes in the firm (Camisà ³n & Villar-Là ³pez, 2014). It has done this by identifying the exact areas to be studied and offering further recommendation to be carried out in the whole process. This article seeks to underscore the issues linked to the significance of IT in the business setup. IT is the enabler of innovation in most organizations or firms. Most leaders in the innovation sector tend to offer very distinct and separate perspectives employed in the overall use of technology and communication in the final end. Most of the leaders have been battling with the IT organizations in their fixation and the automating services in the entire system of the firm. IT can be seen as the anathema to the act of creativity and the barrier to some form of innovation in the firm (Atashi & Abdolpour, 2012). The paper mainly aims at the

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