Sunday, February 23, 2020

Qualitative Comparison Comparing the Political Systems of China and Research Paper

Qualitative Comparison Comparing the Political Systems of China and Russia - Research Paper Example The trends that have made China to overcome Russia, but are debatable. Political Factors China has systematically emerged as a world power majorly due to the political organization of China’s communist Party’s, whose policies have brought economic and social change with tremendous growth. Consequently, the private sector has expanded due to political and legal protection of the political class. The party has integrated itself with the private sector, with a good section of the entrepreneurs being members of the China Communist Party. Most of them were members of the party before going into business and some were allowed to join the party because of their business success. The Chinese capitalists have remained loyal to the China’s Communist Party and have not agitated for any change. Many businesses attribute their success to the policies of the party and its support. The party has promoted their business interests, leading to economic power and the economic wealt h being harmonized. The party has therefore survived and inspired national pride and increased its influence around the world (Naugton). The party has tried to balance economic growth and social economy. This has led to raised rural living standards. The state has provided income subsidies and eliminated tax on gain. The party has also tried to deal with poverty as a way of creating a harmonious society. The party has continued to reinvent itself over time beginning by being a social progressive party, to totalitarian tyranny, to developmental dictatorship. Today it protects private property and showing interest in representing the entire population. The party still has some weaknesses by choosing elites leaders and being harsh protestors. It has continued to enjoy the support of the majority in society due the perception that it promotes industrialization, economic growth political stability and social mobility (Dicks) Russia is on the other hand having moved from communism to demo cracy has faced many challenges leaving it unconsolidated democracy and almost becoming autocratic. The systems within the party are dominated by executives and the legislature. It has been a democracy in which the state control the media heavily and with civil society and non-governmental organization heavily muzzled. However, Russia is still considered freer that during the Soviet Union, despite people not being free to express themselves or to read what they would wish in the press. The security instruments were used to punish all the perceived threats and to restrict their freedom. The murder of journalists who covered the conflict between the state and the society brought to the fore the level of human rights abuse (Ghania). The quality of democracy in Russia has been low economy growth has been impeded by corruption, crime rates, diseases poor healthcare. Russia is generally lacking modern infrastructure and rule of Law. It has widespread corruption and poverty. All these got worse under Putin’s rule. These rivalry between government and business as government tried to take over valuable companies and accuses business leaders of tax evasion. This trend led to falling of stock prices. This perceived government intimidation and rough treatment leading to many businesspersons being scared, resulting in stagnation (Dicks). Economic factors The economic trends that may

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